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  1. 5 lb Ground Venison
    1 lb Ground Beef or pork trimmins
    2 cup Water
    3 Tbsp Morton tender Quick (this is the cure and is VERY important)
    2 1/2 Tbsp Non Iodized Salt
    4 Tbsp Soy Flour ( non fat dry milk will work)
    3 Tbsp Course Black Pepper

    1 Tbsp Crushed red pepper
    1/2 Tbsp Mustard Seed

    1/2 Tbsp Musard powder
    1 1/2tsp Onion Powder
    2 tsp Garlic Powder
    1/2 cup Jalapeño Pepper's Chopped ( fresh is best)
    1 1/4 cup High Temp Cheddar Cheese
    2 to 3 2 1/2" X 20" Fibrous Casings
    Liquid smoke ( optional)

    this is a reciepe i found on another forum a few years ago.  I have tweaked it to my likeing this is a very mild sausage if you like it hotter you can just go with 1 Cup jalapeno no seeds but i went with 1/2 no seeds and i cut the cheese back a little also and added the crushed red peeper to me this turned out like a locker quality summer sausage

    now a few directions mix the dry seasonings with the water.  In your mixer or a large bowl mix the two ground meats together i use a 2 grind with a 3/16 plate. After you get the two meats mixed add the seasonings into it mix until you think its mixed up well. Now if your using liquid smoke now you can add it into mix keep mixing, then add your jalapenos. last thing to add is your cheese as it will crumble up if added to soon. i stuff mine right away and then refrigerate overnight. i start the smoker the next day at around 140 leave it there and add the meat leave them in with no smoke for 20 mins or so add my chips and leave at 140 for a couple hrs then i bump it up to 170 and leave it there till product reaches 158 pull them let them sit for 10 min. covered then they get a ice bath till they drop to around 100 then i pull them and let them sit at room temp for couple hrs. then package them and off to the freezer
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    Welcome to SMF JBS and were glad to have you aboard. Thanks for the recipe. How about swinging over to Roll Call and introducing yourself so we can give you a proper welcome and dont forget to fill out your location in your profile so members who are local will be able to help with better information

    Good luck and happy smoking

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    [​IMG]  Remember what they say [​IMG][​IMG]

    Glad to have ya and thanks for the recipe cant wait to see some pics
  4. It will be a few weeks till I get pics gotta make a new batch going to grind today or tommorrow hopefully going to make a 18 Lbs batch
  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Sounds great, gunna have to give this a try!
  6. Bump it's that time of year again

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