it's official...i'm a WSM nut

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by soafung, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. soafung

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    i picked the new 22.5" WSM from Lowe's yesterday after the month long ordeal.  i know you don't really NEED to season the WSM, i'm gonna get a new smoker and not do a test run.  i ran it with a full water pan and about 7 pounds of the Kingsford Hickory briquettes.  the charcoal was ready and i got it assembled right at 7 pm (my time...not yours).  and that thing got to 225 in like15 - 20 mins (all vents open 100%).  i let it run like that no changes for 4 hours.  i can tell that this thing is gonna make my wife hate my hobby more, cause now i can bug her after the meat goes on the WSM!
  2. jaxgatorz

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    Yup, u are gonna love it !!![​IMG]
  3. cant wait to use mine, never heard bad thing about them yet
  4. stl-rich

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    I think there is a bit of WSM cooking technique that you missed - After the meat goes on the WSM you MUST watch it - with a beer in your hand.  After a few beers, you will find that it is time for a nap - if possible take your nap in front of the WSM so it looks like you are working hard.  On the other hand if you stretch out in your bed it will be good training for overnight cooks like pulled pork,

    Enjoy, I love my WSM
  5. jak757

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    Oh yes....lotsa WSM love here!  It is a pleasure to use.  I did a brisket and two pork butts last weekend.  Put the meat on at midnight, watched the temps settle in, then went to bed.  Got up at 7:00am -- temps fixed right where they were when I went to bed.

    I think Rich is right -- need to work at making it look more difficult!
  6. chisoxjim

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    if a person does not like the WSM they have never used one.

    I think I finally get the 22.5" fired up this Saturday with some Berkshire pork.

    The little WSM needs a rest.   [​IMG]
  7. indyadmin1974

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  8. hopefully that will soon be my weekends
  9. shooter1

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     LOL, that is so true. Never let the wife or anyone know how easy it is to smoke on the WSM. You have to let them think you worked your butt off (Pun Intended) while you maintain the vigil with alcoholic beverages of course. Smoking, Drinking, Snacking and Relaxing![​IMG]

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