Italian Sausage & Peppers Po-Boy......I'm ready for some Monday Night Football

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  1. I made a batch of Sweet Italian Sausage last weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out.... Here's my Italian Sausage & Sautéed Peppers Po-Boy it was really good!

    I par-boiled my Italian Sausage in a small amount of turkey broth. I let all of the liquid cook out then I added a few drops of olive oil.  I cooked my sausage until it was browned on all sides.

    I added mozzarella cheese on the bun and broiled it.

    I added the Italian Sausage on top of the melted cheese, topped with sautéed yellow/orange/red bell peppers, sautéed sweet onions and pepperoncini's

    I will definitely make Italian Sausage again SOON (like tomorrow!) I received my LEM Sausage Stuffer today......let the sausage making begin!!!! Does anyone have to LEM meat grinder?? If so, how do you like it?  Any issues? Please give me some feedback - thanks.  Be Blessed and Happy Monday Night Football.  Josie

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  2. danmcg

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    That Po-Boy looks awesome, Nice work. And glad you're enjoying sausage making.
  3. thanks DanMcG.......Yes, I'm definitely getting hooked on making sausage. 
  4. crazymoon

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    Looks good ! You'll be a stuffing fool ![​IMG]
  5. bassman

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    What a great looking sandwich!  Congratulations on the new stuffer.  I have the #32 Big Bite grinder from LEM.  You can grind all day long non stop

    with no problem.  The reason I chose the largest one they have it because normally we process 2-3 elk and sometimes a couple of deer every

    fall/winter.  My good friend from this site (WALLE) has the #8 which is perfect for making your sausage or grinding your own burger.  Even the #8

    will turn the LEM meat mixer if you wanted to add that feature also (perfect for making larger batches of sausage). 
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  6. reinhard

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    That's a great looking sandwich!!!  Your on your way to a great adventure in sausage maker and that stuffer will be a great tool for you.  I usually spray the inside of the stuffer with Pam olive oil spray.  Makes for a easier clean up.  Reinhard
  7. LOL CrazyMoon..............Yup, I be a sausage stuffing fool [​IMG]
  8. Thanks Bassman. I am really impressed with my new LEM stuffer. I love the ease in the way it breaks down for clean up.  That is one of my pet peeves - cleaning up my kitchen equipment and work area. Everybody that loves me know how anal I am about my kitchen

    I was looking at the Big Bite Grinder also.  Don't think I need the big one YET!  Was thinking about the #22. So after you process all that meat - your freezer is probably jammed full right..... good for you.  Thanks for the grinder review - very helpful.

    Be Blessed and Happy Hunting!

  9. Thanks Reinhard.  Oh yeah I'm going to enjoy my "sausage making adventure"  I might have to bump up my gym membership to include more "fat burning" exercises!

    Yeah the Pam olive oil spray is a good idea.  I have 2 cans in my pantry.  I saw that in a video I was watching.  The LEM instructions says to spray with food grade Silicone Spray. Need to purchase some Silicone Spray today. 

    Be blessed - Josie
  10. bassman

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    The #22 is really all you will ever probably need.  I bought mine a year ago to replace an old and worn out #32.  I initially bought the #22, took it home and

    ran one batch of elk meat through it.  Being used to the #32, it wasn't quite what I was looking for.  Took it back and exchanged it for the #32 and couldn't

    be happier.  I just wish it weighed about half of what it does (62#).[​IMG]

    You are right about the freezer (s).  We have two upright freezers and an extra refrigerator in the garage.  Not to mention the bottom freezer double door fridge in

    the house.  Keeps the two of us going trying to eat all that food.[​IMG]  
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  11. I thought the #22 would satisfy my needs.  that's what I'm talking about........freezer(s) FULL of grub! great way to keep two people busy [​IMG]  

    Hey Bassman - do you have a good hotlink sausage recipe you want to share?
  12. bassman

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    I have a good Hot Italian recipe, breakfast sausage, etc.  Haven't done much in the way of what you would call "hot links".  I have used Rytek Kutas'

    recipes from time to time but seems like I have to modify the amount of herbs and spice to make it more flavorful.  I'm not an expert by any stretch of

    the imagination, I just keep learning more from frequenting the forums.
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  13. I got this on sale at Academy for $60:

    I do small batches so it works well for me. Good luck. I am fairly new to sausage making as well and can really like it.
  14. waterinholebrew

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    Wow SJ, look at you go ...... Your really gettin into this sausage making thing, good for you ! That looks awesome by the way ! Congrats on the stuffer... Good luck on the grinder, I went with the Kitchener #12 ! Got it for $99 on Northern Tool but sounds as if your lookin for one a little bigger !

    Again, nice lookin meal !



    Bro J
  15. c farmer

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    Wow. I missed this.

    That sammie looks great.
  16. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking sandwee Josie! I'd have a couple of those!
  17. willy2763

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    That looks great! I went with the LEM stuffer and love it. I just ordered an LEM grinder and will post pics when I break it in. I need to do some Italian sausage after seeing this!
  18. :eek:) ok.  I know what you mean about modifying the amounts of herbs and spices. I modified the chicken recipe I made last weekend.  Added a few more spices and lots of other things and this batch is off the charts tasty.
  19. I looked at that one also.  how much meat are you grinding up at one time tbrtt1?
  20. Hey Bro J - My sisters are now calling me "the sausage diva!"  [​IMG]   Yeah I am looking for a larger grinder.  Thanks Bro for the points!   

    Be Blessed,


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