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    I did my research & checked prices. the longhorn size Yoder is $1195.00 at a local dealer. the Longhorn size horizon is $1349.00 at bass pro. both of these are companies started by ex-ok joe employees. The Ok Joe which is barely 1/8" is $429.00 list at Lowes & they'll knock off 10% making it $386.10. academy sports is 80 miles away & from what iv'e read the Q.C. is hit & miss on the Pecos smokers & they're in the 400-600 range. I passed up a local built offset that was 3/8" stainless steel because the door was poorly fitted & it weighed 450 #'s

     I've been checking craigslist EVERY day which is what you have to do because deals go fast. late Thursday night I found an original Ok Joe Longhorn, contacted them immediately & picked it up Friday morning. I got it for $225.00. It has some surface rust but no other issues. the owner said he could not keep paint on it so he just kept it oiled inside & out. it could use a serious cleaning so i'm going to build a fire in in both chambers, wire brush or maybe sand blast the exterior, & give it several coats of high heat paint, & re-season it. I'll also install a diffuser plate to evenly distribute the heat.       

     so to date I have a weber performer grill with the Cajun bandit smoker extension, an older brinkman heavy gauge offset ( highland size ), & the OK Joe. the performer was on craigslist & was $150.00 which is less than the Cajun bandit set up cost. the brinkman was $35.00 at a local scrap yard & was cleaned & painted. so if you do not get in a hurry a deal will come along. this Ok Joe is really bigger than what I need but I could not pass it up. If anyone in the st louis area has an original Ok Joe Highland ( or a smaller Yoder or Horizon ) & would be interested in a trade contact me.

     On my way home yesterday after capturing a swarm of bees I passed a truck hauling an older Highland smoker. I should have waved him over & proposed a trade.

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