issues with new fridge conversion

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by omahasmoker, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. omahasmoker

    omahasmoker Smoke Blower

    i finally got all the wiring installed today and i fired it up. the heating element gave off quite a bit of grease smoke and all that but nothing unexpected. now after running it for 6+ hours at 250-400 deegrees, i am still gtting a lot of foul smelling smoke from the smoker. i have been putting the smoke to it with the external smoke generator but there is still a noxious smell there.

    i has to use a TON of silicone sealant (2 caulk tubes in all) on the door and patching screw holes inside the fridge. how long can that take to gas out and stop stinking the place up?

    i will post pics as soon as i figure this out and start smoking for real.
  2. builder59

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    I built mine and had no issue with it what so ever. I used high temp caulk from the hardware.. No stinking at all. My build is on this forum in electric smokers called "the start of a fridge conversion" I don't know how to link it here. Let us know if it goes away.
    Good luck,

    fridge conversion
  3. beer-b-q

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    A couple questions come to mind;

    Did you use VHT Silicone (Very High Temp Automotive) or Regular Silicone (Household)?

    Does the interior of the fridge have metal or plastic walls?
  4. omahasmoker

    omahasmoker Smoke Blower

    i used regular silicone with a working temperature of 400 degrees. it has porcelain over metal walls.
  5. beer-b-q

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    Can you burn a pan of charcoal in it for a few hours, Charcoal absorbs odors and burning it might help eliminate the odors you are experiencing...

    This is just an idea that might work...
  6. omahasmoker

    omahasmoker Smoke Blower

    i dont think that burning charcoal will help. there are a few spots of silicone that are probably too close tot he 1000 degree (you can see it glow orange) heating element that are getting cooked. i am going to knock them out and put bolts and washers in their place.

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