Is wrapping a butt in plastic necessary?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by zx24, Aug 9, 2014.

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    I have been reading about the preparation of pork butts. It seems like many wrap the butt in plastic once the rub is added and placed in the refrigerator. Is wrapping the butt in plastic necessary? It seems like a lot of the rub and mustard would come off by doing so. Is there a minimum amount of time the butt should sit after placing it in the fridge? Do you need to let the butt sit at room temperature for a certain amount of time prior to placing in the smoker?
  2. If you rub the butt......and place it in the fridge unwrapped you will find it sitting in a puddle of it own juices.  Wrapping it keeps those juices next to the meat.  Some of the rub does come off which is why most will re-apply rub prior to going into the smoker.  Also there is no need to use mustard (doesn't add flavor) because the rub will draw moisture out and will help the rub stick. 

    I rub and place in fried overnight.....always have but you can do what fits your timeline.  Remember you are "marinating" the Butt when you let it sit with rub.

    Take the cold butt out and put it in the smoker.  A cold piece of meat takes smoke better than a room temp one.   So NO don't let it sit.  Pull from in smoker.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I am getting everything ready for my first smoke today.
  4. Give us your many pounds is the Butt?  What kind of smoker?  The more info you give us the more we can help you and answer your questions.  We want to make sure you have a successful first smoke. 

    Oh and Pictures......because........[​IMG]
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    I have a MES30. I am seasoning the smoker right now. I am planning to pick up the butt later today and apply the rub. I was planning to start the smoke in the morning but may start it tonight based on some of the threads I read where the butt can take longer than expected. That means it would only sit in the fidge for a short amount of time. I will probably cook it around 230-240 degrees. I will post pics once I start preparing everything.
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    I have always rubbed my butts right before I throw them on the smoker. There are no wrong or right ways to any of this. Just do what feels natural. The only thing you have to remember is relax and enjoy the ride. Don't panic if you have any concerns the are plenty of well informed people on here to help you along.

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