Is this the right kind of soy???

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  1. Is this the kind of soy protien that we use in our Sausage?
    Neat info anyway!

    Soy Protein Isolate

    Soy protein isolate is a dry powder food ingredient that has been separated or isolated from the other components of the soybean, making it 90 to 95 percent protein and nearly carbohydrate and fat-free.
    In the Market

    Soy protein isolate is used in making a variety of foods. It may be found in:
    • dairy-type products such as beverage powders, infant formulas, liquid nutritional meals, and some varieties of liquid soymilk
    • bottled fruit drinks
    • power bars
    • soups and sauces
    • meat analogs that resemble conventional foods in color, texture and taste
    • breads and baked goods
    • breakfast cereals
    • many weight and muscle gain products in the fitness market.
    Soy protein isolate can be purchased as flavored or plain soy protein shake powder. Many brands are sold in canisters with expirations dates stamped on the bottom. Several brands are fortified with calcium and other minerals and vitamins, along with sweeteners and flavorings. Individual, single serve packages are the utmost in convenience for busy consumers. The most economical form of soy isolate is plain powder, with no other ingredients added.
    Soy protein isolate is sold in the health food section or the pharmacy within the regular supermarket. Natural food supermarkets and health food stores carry the widest variety of products. Other sources for soy protein isolate powders are mail order, food cooperatives, buying clubs, on-line shopping and mass-market stores
  2. The soy protein I have from the sausagemaker resembles flour in color and texture.
  3. This is the one we use!!!

    Soy protein concentrate is about 70% soy protein and is basically defatted soy flour without the water soluble carbohydrates. It is made by removing part of the carbohydrates (soluble sugars) from dehulled and defatted soybeans.
    Soy protein concentrate retains most of the fiber of the original soybean. It is widely used as functional or nutritional ingredient in a wide variety of food products, mainly in baked foods, breakfast cereals, and in some meat products. Soy protein concentrate is used in meat and poultry products to increase water and fat retention and to improve nutritional values (more protein, less fat).
    Soy protein concentrates are available in different forms: granules, flour and spray-dried. Because they are very digestible, they are well-suited for children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. They are also used in pet foods, milk replacements for babies (human and livestock), and even used for some non-food applications.
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