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Discussion in 'Pork' started by countrysmoked, Jul 4, 2009.

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    I did up some spares for a buddy and to take to work for the fourth, I had to do them ahead since the wife wont watch the smoker when I sleep or when I'm at work. so I did them yesterday on my last day off before the weekend. Here is some Q-View
    Rib price was $1.27 a pound doing 10 racks
    Attachment 21794
    Triming them up
    Attachment 21795
    More triming
    Attachment 21797
    Almost done triming
    Attachment 21796
    In the apple juice overnight
    Attachment 21798
    Ready for the rub
    Attachment 21799
    Rub is on
    Attachment 21800
    My son cubing ham for the beans
    Attachment 21801
    more cubing ham
    Attachment 21802
    Flap meat for the beans
    Attachment 21804
    Flap meat
    Attachment 21805
    Ribs are Done
    Attachment 21803
    Beans Are Done
    Attachment 21806
    slicing up the ribs
    Attachment 21807
    Smoke ring
    Attachment 21808
    More smoke rings
    Attachment 21809
    Almost done slicing ribs
    Attachment 21810
    More slicing
    Attachment 21812
    Rib tips
    Attachment 21811
    The not so fun part
    Attachment 21813
    More mess
    Attachment 21814

    I trimmed the ribs up the night before and soaked in apple juice on some advice I got. I think I will do this again they came out just right for me. pulling from the bone with very little effort, not quite falling off of the bone. I used a brown sugar based rub similar to Tulsa Jeff's and made my own Ham and baked bean recipe. I smoked the ribs in my pellet fired freezer smoker for 10 hours at 220 degrees. the ribs hung up at 165 for about 2 hours before they came up to 200. I did not foil them. I think these might just be the best ribs I have ever made. My oldest son thinks the ones I made for his class were better but my youngest son thinks these are. My wife who professes to hate ribs still ate two. The beans are always good as they catch the dripping from the ribs and I cube up the flap meat when it is done and add to them. All in all a good day smoking ribs. (I took pics of the ribs in the smoker but they came out all white, sun???) so I hope you all enjoy the pics.
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    Man you got some room to work! Glad they came out great!
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    Nice lookin' smoke you did. Looks like runnin' out of room wasn't an option was it? Just a suggestion, you might want to try using photobucket for your pics. Even clicking on em, there's a huge loss of detail. I would consider it a wood smoker.
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    Very nice. [​IMG]
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    I will try photo bucket next time. I also have this thing on this computer that fills in forms and if you are not careful it will put in something else. I meant to name the thread ribs and beans for the fourth ahead of time,

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