is my hog casings bad?

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  1. I purchased some hog casings from a butcher about a month ago. when I came home I put them in a container of freshwater with a top on it.I use some of the casings and I left some in the container. the ones that I left in the container I wash them before putting them back in there. now the water in the container is cloudy, the hog casings have a very strong smell. are my hog casings still usable? or should I throw my hog casings away? Thanks
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    Try soaking them and changing the water repeatedly to see if the smell diminishes. You should repack your leftover casings in  noniodized salt and water slurry  in the fridge next time .[​IMG]
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    You could chance using them and ruin some good meat. Throw them away better safe then sorry.
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    You have had the casings in the fridge in water and no salt for a month or more..Now they have an odor plus some milky looking water. They are bad and I would not use them.  Next time pack the casings liberally with non-iodized salt in a plastic container.  Then the next time you decide to use them, rinse them with cold water and flush them once more.    Reinhard
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  6. thanks. I will toss them and store my next casings correctly. They were left over from the first time I made sausage. This would have been my second time. Thanks for the guidance everyone. I will buy new casings today and I will take pictures of my sausage when I am done. Thanks again everyone.

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