Is it "taboo" top discuss liquid smoke?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by krzdimond, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. krzdimond

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    Sometimes....... I come home from work late and I'm not in the mood to go through the process needed to smoke. Quick and easy thing i do is pull a single leg quarter out of the freezer and nuke it @ 50% for 4-5 min to thaw and then add liquid smoke to my marinade. I then put everything in a vacuum sealer and marinade while I get cleaned up (about an hour or so). Season with Jeff's rub and put in the toaster oven @ 350 until done.

    not the same.... like vinyl vs. leather, but works in a pinch.
  2. atomicsmoke

    atomicsmoke Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Taboo or not i sometime use liquid smoke on steaks, in stews.
  3. I can't remember the name of the show that is on the food network but they once tested liquid smoke against actual smoked food. As I remember they had three judges and three kinds of food.  All three judges picked the liquid smoke choices over the actual smoked foods.  Go figure.
  4. atomicsmoke

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    I saw something similar: wine made from kit vs from grapes. Kit won.
  5. Liquid smoke is real smoke and very closely controlled as to wood sources and condition. I don't think any of us demand wood that was cut in the fall after the leaves are down and brought inside before the bugs get into it. I enjoy smoking with wood but I love the taste of smoke flavor in the meat that I use. That said I will go with what works at the moment.
  6. tropics

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    I have used it before,but can't seem to get the amount right. I have been using smoked salt and it works also.
  7. I use a drop or two in my chili, however some store bought hams are overpowering with it, I think.
  8. brooksy

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    Alton Brown showed how to make liquid smoke and guess what you need actual smoke to make it so can't be bad!!
  9. wade

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    A few years ago I was looking for this mythical beast called liquid smoke in the UK but could not find it. The next time I was in the USA I saw some and so bought a bottle. I have never opened it so don't know what it is like but I cannot see why there would NOT be a right time to use it - I just have not found that recipe yet.
  10. venture

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    What to say?

    I see lots of people using it and swearing by it.

    I tried it a few times many years back.

    I just never liked it no matter how I used it.

    Don't let that stop you.  Do your experiments with it.

    The only caveat  I can offer is that it is very strong, and it is easy to use too much.

    At this point, there is none in my house.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  11. krzdimond

    krzdimond Fire Starter

    thanks guys. I have used liquid smoke with great success when added to my wet marinades. Just taste before you put in the meat....

    The Foodsaver has also been a Godsend when it comes to marinading on short notice. I have just thought of liquid smoke as the "imitation" to the real thing. I did not know it was an "extract".
  12. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Here is a link that gives you a quick look at how it is produced 
  13. I know of a number of people that use liquid smoke in their brines and wet marinades for Q'd meats. I use it in beef stews where I use smoked beef. I also use it in smoked salmon chowder. Both meats were previously smoked but I wanted to kick that smokey goodness up a notch so I added some additional to the mix.
  14. krzdimond

    krzdimond Fire Starter

    I just ASSumed, based on the nature of the site, Y'all would be traditionalists. Lol good to know I'm not the only one that marinated in liquid smoke.
  15. I think their would be more of an issue if liquid smoke was a chemical compound made up in a lab by some glue sniffing goof off. Liquid smoke is really an extract of the real deal and so it is still an element of what we all love and enjoy.
  16. I'm with ya on this. I've tried it about a half dozen times on various items, and it was ok but I could definitely do without. It is very potent. But like you said to each their own.
  17. I cook with it in specific dishes, but I don't call them BBQ. I did get a bottle at a bbq store a year or two ago that was a lot better than the stuff grom the grocery store (but that could just be my mind).

    Personally I like baked/roadted chicken so I wouldn't do that just to have smoke taste when cooking indoors. But hey if you like it better go for it.

    One trick I learned frome my Wife. Put a few drops in deviled eggs. Everyone goes crazy for them but can't figure out what it is. Most people guess bacon drippings.

    If you like it do it and don't worry if someone else likes it.

    I homebrew and get feed up with the aholes who think they are too good for bud light. One a hot day working in the yard it hits the spot for me. And when you can brew a light lager with so little off flavors then I will drink that. I know my brewing isn't that good, so I have no place to talk shit.

    What is important is what you like. Life is to short to worry what other people think
  18. atomicsmoke

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    Amen brother.
  19. cyclonefan

    cyclonefan Fire Starter

    I put a few drops of it in a bowl of chilli to give it a little smokiness.
  20. blacklab

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    not a fan

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