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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smoking pharoah, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I live in the northern Virginia area and I am intrigued by smoking meat. Never used a Smoker before but interested in getting one.
    Read a lot of reviews and sounds like the weber smokey mountain is a good choice. Debating between the 18.5 or 22.5. Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wow, sorry I missed this SP!  Welcome to SMF and my apologies you didn't get an answer sooner. 

    The WSM is probably the best, most dependable out of the box smoker you can buy.  Readily available supply of fuel and wood too. 

    As far as the 18.5" vs the 22.5", dealer's choice based upon your budget.  It is just my wife and me and I chose the 22.5".  It uses probably 30% more fuel than the 18.5" because there is a larger space to heat, but buying charcoal in bulk from the big box stores on Memorial Day, July 4h, and Labor Day makes that cost difference minimal.  Both sizes are great choices and can handle the volume for smoking for just the two of you or large parties.

    With the 22.5" I only use the lower grate on occasion and don't have to trim any of the cuts of meat I buy.  All my roasting pans fit too.  I can slap an 18- 23 lb turkey on the top grate and my favorite roasting pan filled with veggies on the bottom grate.

    Whichever one you choose you'll be happy.  The WSM is one great smoker.          
  3. Thank you for your feedback.
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  4. :welcome1: !!!

  5. mummel

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    I would be careful about getting into smoking.  You have been warned.  ITS AN ADDICTION.
  6. smokin phil

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    After you've been smoking a while, you'll see posts about smoked sausage. There's your next addiction. But they're fun and tasty addictions.... Lol...
  7. mummel

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    Meh, only took me 6 weeks before I was into the sausages......  Like I said OP, you have been warned!!!!
  8. I have the smallest WSM a 14.5 really i like it i just wish it was bigger so i say get the biggest if i had the $$$ i would had, 
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  9. mummel

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    What about an electric smoker?  How much time do you have on weekends?
  10. I haven't really thought about an electric smoker.  What would be the advantage over WSM
  11. smokin phil

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    Set and forget. Ease of maintaining temps. Clean up. You lose the smoke ring, but it's just for show anyway, no taste difference. I've run electrics for over 20 years now. Love 'em!
  12. Thanks for the info, it's definitely something to think about.
  13. i think you forgot to mention that the portability of any charcoal smoker far exceeds that of an electric and i would be willing to bet the ease of use is really close to being on par, and also the durability of a wsm and also there is no electrical parts so highly unlikely to tear up on you....just saying going with set and forget isn't always the best IMO
  14. mummel

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    I can wake up in the morning with a smoked butt.  Cant do that with a WSM.
  15. have you tried it?
  16. mummel

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    Only with an MES.  Worked flawlessly.  I set alarms on my Mav to wake me if I lost power or the thing spiked in temps.  Worked great.  I've also been to the store and left it for a couple of hours.  I love the convenience. 
  17. Ok have you tried it on a WSM? and what exactly makes you think i couldnt set alarms on a mav and use it in a WSM? Well i could....
  18. noboundaries

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    Wanna bet?!

    Even before I added the blower I could smoke all night without worrying about the temps.  Now with the blower it is like setting the temp on an electric or a pellet, and I get a great smoke ring.

    You can get smoke rings on an electric, just a different process than using charcoal and wood.   
  19. Exactly.... But what is it they can add for a smoke ring Cure#1 right?

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