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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by ribwizzard, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. 20 inch dia, 1/4" wall , ill put it aside for a future build, but im more interested in the end cap on the left. What a perfect circle guide for the plasma for 18" and 20" circles!

  2. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    What was it?
  3. Think it was a Klingon warp generator.....?
  4. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    It would make a cool vertical fire box for a small smoker and be quite the conversion piece!
  5. Well, the ends unbolt, leaving just the 20" tube, it has the one large hole you see in the pic and six small bolt holes. The six small holes are like 5/16" or so and will weld up easy enough, and just use the big hole for the exhaust.

    Or it could make a good firebox for a larger cooker.

    I also got a nice section of crane boom that will give me four or five nice fire boxes, and two 80 gallon tanks, so I have plenty of hobby material to keep me busy for a while...
  6. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    Wow, that's quite a score. That crane boom will take a lot of work out of building a firebox!
  7. smokejumper

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    I'm thinking that would make a Sweeeet little mini smoker!

    Maybe have the CC door on the end opposite the firebox with a pull out grate. You could make the door be the top half of the end plate that swings down on a hinge placed across the middle of the end plate.

    It would also make a good trash can for the shop!
  8. I was thinking a small smoker/ charcoal grill combo
  9. Nice score! It will be interesting to see what you come up with...
  10. Cool !!!   I'll be ready to see what you come up with.

  11. jarjarchef

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    Don't know what it is, but it looks like something we have pulled from old orange grove well pumps.....

    I am sure you will figure something cool out for it.
  12. I'm gonna agree with Ribwizzard and say that it is a "~~ Klingon warp generator " and that it will make an out of this world smoker of some kind!

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