Interesting article on the origins of barbecue from The Smithsonian

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tomzo, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. tomzo

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    A short but interesting look at the real roots of BBQ


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  3. Hello Tomzo.  You can't post offsite links.  You can paraphrase and give us the jist of the link.  I for one would be interested because of the source.  I have done some reading and have drawn my conclusions but these folks should be the authority on history.  I may find I haven't done enough reading.  Sounds interesting.  Keep Smokin!

  4. tomzo

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    Ahh - sorry - did not know about that rule.  Won't happen again.

  5. Maybe some codes need to be implemented into this forum concerning off site links. When a link gets posted, the post sits in a sort of "limbo" until a moderator views the link and decides whether or not the link can be allowed. I'm sure there are many of us here that would like to read this article, as it pertains to the reason why we're all here, bbq'ing.

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  6. tomzo

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    Well if you go to the smithsonian  and look in the food section you will see the article.   Sure would be easier to post a link but I can understand the need to keep spam and offensive links off the site.

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    With the off site's Jeff's we all have to live by his decision. Understand folks not liking the new rule...but "he is the Boss man" and owns this site.


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