Insulated vertical offset smoker.

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by cferguson, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Hey guys I really need some help I'm currently building an insulated vertical offset smoker for my dad the cooking chamber is 36"high X 30"wide X 24" deep and the fire box is 22"high X 24" wide X 24" deep the only problem I'm running into is the baffle I've called pro pit maker (pitts and spitts, pits by j.j. and gotor pits) but they kind of gave me a quick answer and brushed me away because I wasn't buying anything is there anyone around who knows how big it needs to be p.s. this is my first build and its for my dad so I want it to be perfect thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. I used a 4"x8" opening in the masonry wall below and between the smoke chamber and the firebox. I to, had difficulty determining this opening size for my build that is a little larger than what you are building.  I looked a various plans and various commercial units to see what was used.  This was my best guess and it seems to work. 
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    Feldons pit calculator is giving me 102 cubic inches (don't know how to change cubic inches into a measurement...) all the shops gave me 8X24 or 10X24 for the baffle but that seems way to big to me.
  4. Cubic inches is the measure of volume and does not relate directly to an opening size.

    The baffle is the wall between the firebox and smoke box that diverts the air/smoke flow down and then up into the smoke box.  The flow is created by draft that occurs in the smoke box from the chimney above. In most smokers I have looked at the chimney is relatively small, like 2" diameter.  

    I don't know how to calculate the size of the opening needed in the baffle wall, but looking at commercial smokers, this opening is not that large.  The 24 sq in opening seems to work for me. The opening length of 8" is about half of my firebox width. If my fire box was bigger, I might have made the opening longer proportionally by a few inches.   

    I would love to see a real method to calculate the opening size if you find one.
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    I'm thinking I'm going to do it 8.5" X 12" but I want to get some more feed back before I proceed.
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    By the way frank I really appreciate your input I just think a 4 X 8 is a to small the cooking chamber is almost 26000 cubic inches and the fire Box is about 12500 cubic inches

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