Insulated cabinet smoker with auto fill water pan

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by tiggyt, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Using mainly scrap metal is a little tricky but think it will work. It's gonna be 24"x60x48.
  2. Started this build using an old fire place insert.
  3. Some leftover diamond plate for the skin I plan on insulating
  4. Almost done with the outer shell
  5. Got the exhaust / room frame tigged and mounted
  6. Insulated the walls with 1.5" roxul. Allot of clamping cutting and welding more than I plan.
  7. . Got it up on wheels 10 inch casters makes it easy to roll around the yard
  8. change of plans with the exhaust the 2 original were gonna be to small so I went with a single exit in the middle.
  9. Built the doors today stuffed them with roxul and installed these hinges were the hardest thing to install so far I'll have to clean them up but they work.
  10. Haven't posted in a while here's the racks just finished making my shop is a mess but it's home
  11. SS frame with expanded metal from my neighbor he's dismantling his old hog cooker
  12. Almost done
  13. Works great having a baby issue with my drain valve getting clogged with grease I'm going to have to upsize it

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