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    Im gonna be doing 2 pork shoulders this weekend, ive done shoulders before just have never injected any meats before. Im aware of the surface bacteria issue and having to get the IT up to 135 in 4 hours if injecting the meat raw.

    Now im planning on just doing something simple for my first injection.

    My question really has more to do with the sterilization of the injector.

    Is it safe if you fill the injector then dip the needle into boiling water and then inject? What about rubbing it with rubbing alcohol? Is there any sterilization methods to do where u dont have to worry about 135 in 4 hours? I was planning on putting them on around 11-12pm and dont really wanna sit up watching the temp till 3-4am....

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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    You do not have to sterilize the needle between injections.  Just fill, inject, repeat until done. 

    No, there is no way to avoid the 140F target in 4 hours.  Even cooking hot and fast it still takes about 2.5-4 hours to get to 140F.  Hot n fast works great for butts though, the most forgiving chunk of meat on the planet.  

    I'll be doing two 8-10 lb butts myself this weekend.  I might inject since they are for a party my wife is attending and my pulled pork has been requested, no, demanded.   Plus I feel like playing with the flavor profile. I smoke them at 300-325F until I wrap them at an IT of 175-180, then I crank the temp up as high as 450F until the IT is 205F.  They'll be done in 8-9 hours. Works like a charm.  Juicy, tender, great bark.  No more all nighters.     
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    Now for inserting a probe isnt the 140IT for the surface? Isnt that about 45 mins or so into the cook, if cooking the shoulders at about 235-240 degrees? Is it ok to inject after the meats been on for about an hour or is it not worth it. Im almost leaning towards not injecting but how long about is it safeto probe or inject into the cook at a temp of like 235-240? I have inserted my probe in the shoulders after about an hour...
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    Yes, for an uncompromised muscle surface temp is the issue. Once you inject, you have compromised the muscle so the 140 temp is for the entire roast.

    I know you are trying to find a way to be smarter than the bugs so you can sleep. Please don't. Just skip the injection. You can always add more rub and liquid after you finish smoking the meat and pull it if it needs more flavor.

    If I inject I put the probe in the meat right from the beginning so I can monitor the safety zone. If no injection is involved I don't bother with the food probe until I'm about 6 hours into a butt smoke. If you are concerned about the safety zone in an uninjected roast and still trying to get sleep, I don't see the advantage of putting the food probe in an hour after the smoke starts. You won't see 140, have compromised the muscle, and will be worried anyway.
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    The concern with injecting is not bugs on you injecting needle but the needle pulling in the bugs on the outside surface into the meat.

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