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  1. Here in N.C we use a vinegar base sauce  I was wondering would it be ok to inject the butt when it 3/4 done to help keep it moist and add  flavors. I do this all the time when I do a whole hog.
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    I don't have a problem with that plan.
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    That kind of question will get you about 60+ answers (maybe).....many here do inject, many don't.....much like yes/no on the water pan or how much smoke do you add? LOL......Me? I have injected and probably will again, looking for a certain profile.....every time or as a rule? that's a no. So, if you have something that's worked for you and you like it, do it. I re-read your post and just FYI when I have injected it was at the very beginning. Your suggestion sounds interesting....will be interested in the final critique....Willie
  4. Willie it's  cider vinegar ,crushed red pepper ,brown sugar, cayenne pepper ,salt and pepper. If you have had North Carolina bbq this is the only sauce ''most'' of us use. No KC bbq sauce in  the Carolinas. Like I said when I do a whole hog when I turn it over for the last hour I apply about a half a gallon while it rest . I always keep a gallon in the fridge because its better after it sits for a day and it will keep for two months. I  have never injected it before wasn't sure to inject or apply after I pull it.
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    Yep, I'm a fan of the Carolina vinegary sauce so am wondering how it will be injected late in the game. I admire you're whole hog cooking, would like to see some pics if available. I watched a episode of Bizarre Foods last night and he was in Carolina somewhere and the dude was doing whole hog where he split the backbone with hammer & chisel and put tons of rub on then smoked in a sweet, deep pit. People eating in the dining room could see the pit & smoke coming out the top....looked absolutely delish. I've only done one whole pig, in the ground, many years ago. Thinking of going to Home Depot for some cinder blocks, expanded steel and galvanized on....Willie. PS.....was a big hog, wondering how they flipped it without breaking it up
  6. Flipping a whole hog can be a challenge ,I have another grate like the one I cook the hog on and place it over the hog put on some gloves and yell for help. Good thing about cooking a whole hog is you always have plenty of help standing around because as soon as you flip it everyone wants to dive into the ribs and pick on the skin . I will be cooking another one around end of may ill take plenty of pic's or do a video from start to finish.
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    Well there's your answer. If it works when you do a hog, it'll work for a butt. Just think of a pork butt as a REALLY WELL TRIMMED whole hog. I can't see the process being much different. except for the lack of skin.
  8. Jame1bc. I ask a similar question about injecting after the meat reached IT of 140. Got some good info from the folks on this forum (it was 16 days ago if you care to look at it) my favorite is eastern N.C. sauce. The last batch I made I used imported vinegar from Italy. Does it make a different ? Sounds good to my non smoking friends.
  9. I prefer apple cider vinegar and white vinegar.
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    I guess you could. But why would you want to? #1 you are interrupting the cooking process. #2 the purpose of vinegar is flavor and it helps breakdown the collagen. So the longer its in there the better. (hence, injecting night before) 

    White vinegar less potent than cider vinegar. Often a better choice. 
  11. it's not a choice between the two vinegars it's a combinations of the two
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    I inject my butts the night before. I use apple juice mostly, but have used vinegar and beer. I have some friends who inject bourbon but I've always felt it was a waste of good bourbon. Have done a few whole hogs, usually in a pit in the ground. Once a bunch of us did two that were over 180 lbs. used a backhoe to dig the pit. When I lived in N.C. it was called pig picking, in Tennessee it's called a pig roast. I think any way you do it is good.
  13. In N.C we call it pig picking because we normally just chop up one of the butts the rest we leave in on the hog so your guest can just pick on the pig and get what meat they like. People who have never seen a whole hog cooked is in awww about the whole experience . sometimes when people ask us to cook them a whole hog for a party we will put an apple in his mouth just for show and they like that little extra touch.

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