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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ingua smoker, May 20, 2007.

  1. ingua smoker

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    I am looking for a receipe for smoked pork loin. New I have a Bradley smoker, Have had other smokers in the past. I always put bacon around the loin and cooked at 185 with apple smoke for 4 hours. I am new at this and am wondering if I have enough time on this.
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    Welcome to SMF ingua smoker - Glad to have you with us.
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    Welcome ingua smoker. I also have a Bradley smoker that I have had for some time and love it. I do loins quite often by rubbin the night before with honey mustard and Legg's seasoning and then covering with bacon and smoking the next day at 225-250 degrees cabinet temp to an internal temp of 160. Time depends on the size and amount of loin. Smaller pieces take less time then larger ones because of the increased surface area on the small ones. I do three 3.5 lb loin pieces in about 4 hours using maple, or apple, or pecan, or hickory. We love them at our house. Hope this helps. Have fun.

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    Welcome aboard, Ingua Smoker!

    Looks like you have already picked up some excellent advice. One more piece of advice is to always use an internal probe thermometer. That is the best guide to doneness and safety of your product! Enjoy the site and the folks that make it great! You're one of us, now!
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    Welcome aboard

    Do you want to have smoked loin or do you want to make canadian bacon?
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    Welcome ingua -

    Looks like your making smoked roasted pork loins. Don't forget to post some pix when your done!

    You do what Billy and Monty told you and you be eatting pretty!
  7. Welcome to SMF.
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    Welcome aboard SMF, ingua smoker your in good hands here,jump right in, and try to post pics, we all love the porn[​IMG]
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    welcome to SMF
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    Welcome to SMF ingua smoker!!!
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    Welcome to SMF Ingua.
    A lot of good folks here willing to help.
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    Welcome aboard Inqua smoker glad your here. I smoke a lot of tenderloins myself usually every weekend if I can Lol. The ones I get are normally around 12 lbs what I do is soak them in apple juice first 2-3 hrs pat dry then rub them with yellow mustard lightly then my favorite rub. Put on the smoker running around 225 to 240* pull off at 150* internal temp wrap in foil then a towel and let set for 1 hr have not had a dry loin yet.

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