Indoor Smoking From Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives...Now with Video

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pops6927, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Saw this on a segment from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, wanted to get the YouTube of it but couldn't find it, took some Qviews of the TV screen that should show it well enough to understand it:

    The chef took a #10 can and put in a layer of soaked wood chips on the gas burner on the stove:

    Then, once smoke was producing he took a small mini WSM-type grill and placed over the open top of the can:

    It had a vent in the bottom as well as in the top.

    Then (in this case) he put fish fillets on the grate and put the top back on and let them smoke 5 minutes until flaky:

    Voila'!  Smoked fish fillets!  He flaked them apart and mixed them into a fresh homemade guacamole served in his restaurant that had chopped onion, cilantro and crumbled bacon in it with cored-out avocados mashed to a nice consistency.

    Thought it was unique and possibly an alternative for people!
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    I thought that was a great way to use the little Weber Smokey Joe kettle as well but it is not a good idea in a home kitchen unless you have a REALLY good Hood that exhausts outside. The hood fan in my apartment just removes grease and recirculates the air back into the kitchen. It would not remove the smoke and the Smoke Detector and neighbors would be screaming. The Chef in the segment has an enormous and powerful Hood over the stoves and can get away with that Kettle trick...JJ
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    I rent  and my F.I.L. would kick us out if the house smelled of smoke .

    Even though he likes my Smoked foods more than he admits , it would end our renter contract. [​IMG]

    And like JJ said, not cool in the house...

    Have fun and . . .
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    There is a nice little smoker that does not, create a lot of smoke in the kitchen. I have used it in the past to smoke a fish. Cameron Smoker.

    Start on top of the stove with chips on the bottom, water pan on top of them, fish on the grating. Start with lid open when it starts to smoke close it, finish in oven.

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    Here is the Video...JJ

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    That looked good!!! Wonder what temp he used in the oven to finish them off?? 

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    My wife isn't gonna like you guys anymore...
    She's the one that doesn't like my seasoning the cast iron in the house...

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