Inaugral Autumn\Fall Fattie throwdown registration

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    Hi All,

    As there seems to be interest for another fattie throwdown here is the registration thread and rules:

    1, There will be 2 categories comprising of the following >
    • Seasonal filling, basically things that are in season at the time of the throwdown must form the majority of the content of the filling.
    • Free Choice, anything you want as a filling.
    2, Both categories must be entered to qualify for the throwdown but judged individually and then a winner 2nd\3rd\4th in each category depending on number of entrants and then an overall winner.

    3, The throwdown will start on Saturday 11th October and all entries should be submitted by 6PM PST on Sunday 26th October containing the following information:
    • Outer ingredients
    • Filling ingedients
    • Smoker type
    And not forgetting Q-View ;)
    • Rolled Sausage ready for filling
    • Filling before rolling
    • Rolled finished fattie
    • Fattie when taken off the smoker
    • Fattie Sliced
    4, A word will be posted to this thread on Saturday 11th October which is to be written on an object and included in each photo.

    5, All entries should be submitted to Texas-Hunter who will host the entries for the judging (Cheers TH) The submission address will be provided shortly. Please do not post any images here, Texas Hunter will be creating a judging thread after the close.

    Please register your interest in the thread below and keep the chat to the original thread :)

    Many thanks to Pineywoods and Texas-Hunter for their help, it's appreciated :)

    Cheers & good luck, let the Q be with you!


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