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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by muley05, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. muley05

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    I have smoked a few fatties over the past year or so, including two in the past couple of weeks.  Mine are usually basic breakfast ones, with eggs and cheese inside.  And I have not yet done a bacon weave on any of them.

    I have the hardest time rolling mine and getting them to look as uniform as the ones I see pictured here.  I have read all of the stickies and follow them, but mine still turn out sloppy (but still delicious).

    Here is my general plan of attack:

    Cook three eggs scrambled and let them cool.

    Put the cold chub of sausage into a gallon ziplock sprayed with Pam

    Roll it out until it is square and even

    Flip the sausage onto wax paper (it seems to stick to the baggie a lot)

    Put the eggs and about 4oz of shredded cheese in the middle.

    Bring the top and bottom together, while also squeezing the sides

    Put the fatty on saran wrap

    Roll the ends tight

    I always get toppings breaking through the sausage, almost as if the sausage is too thin
  2. Looks like a good plan.  I skip the the wax paper and I use the cut open bag to start the rolling process and as I roll it I move it over to the Saran wrap.  I also use generic zip top bags, they are a bit smaller, not much maybe 1/8 in both lenght and width.  I've had a few toppings but through, but the bacon wrap helps seal it back up.  Another thing you can do to help the sticking is thrown the rolld out ziploc in the freezer for a little bit.  These are all things I have tried and been sucessful with.
  3. muley05

    muley05 Newbie

    I have thought that the sausage gets too warm when rolling it out, and that putting it in the freezer for a bit might help.  How long though? 5 minutes? 10? 30?
  4.  To be honest I usually roll mine out whever I go to Sams club or I can buy sausage on sale at the grocery then I just throw them in the freezer and pull out "sheets" as needed.  However when I try something that i dont have pre-rolled I sually put it in for about 20-30 minutes that way I can prep the stuffing while I'm waiting.
  5. que-ball

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    I would skip the Pam spray in the bag, and just pop the rolled flat sheet and the cutting board under it into the freezer for 15 minutes or so, until it stiffens up a bit.  Also try a bit more meat in the bag, to get a thicker sheet.  The bacon weave will help too, and once you try it you'll realize it isn't hard to do.

    And show us some qview, for crying out loud! [​IMG]
  6. jirodriguez

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    I find 20-30 minutes freezer time works best for my. It starts to warm back up pretty fast once you take it out of the freezer.
  7. rdknb

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    I do the freezer thing too, let it sit in there for about 15 mins
  8. eman

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    I usually use 2 lbs of sausage unless i am doing a bluberry pancake fatty.

     i go straight from the bag to plastic wrap. 15 min in the freezer makes it easier to roll.
  9. lugnutz

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    another thing I haven't seen mentioned yet, try reducing the amount of stuffing.  I spread mine out thin and leave a 1" border on all four sides then roll. I'm not a fan of the center stuffed fattie. I like to have layers like a pinwheel.

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