Im planning on doing my first smoke this weekend

Discussion in 'Pork' started by stanleyjohn, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I bought a 4 lb pork shoulder the other day and planning on doing my first smoke this weekend.The smoker is an el cheapo brinkmann vert stack that my dad got for me.I have an electric element for it and for my first try in smoking ill play safe by using electric.I will take pics as i go along!Feel free to enter any suggestions on this rookies first attempt.I will prepare the meat with a coating of yellow mustard and then apply a dry rub.Using hickory chips for the smoke.!Should i pre heat the cooker with the wood chips and water added first then add the meat? I am using Jeffs Pork Shoulder Recipe as a guide.
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    you should preheat the smoker to temp. It will drop when you add the meat. You will also have time for the chips to let the heavy smoke out. I just switched from chips to chunks. I like to pre burn my 2nd and 3rd box of chips before adding to the smoker so the don't have the heavy smoke.(on the grill)
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