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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokeusum, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. smokeusum

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    After blowing up my smoker last year I finally got a new smoker!!! It's an offset, a totally new bird for me. My last one was an extremely bastardized vertical propane smoker. The propane part was a crutch for controlling temps, now I have to learn to how to control temps and smoke for real. Destroyed one butt last weekend, hubby kinda got one right last Sunday.

    Today I'm determined to get it right! Side of salmon brining in the garage... Hope I get it right, today!!!
  2. Never done salmon before so no advice for you there. All I can say is be patient and keep a careful eye on things and you will get it. I want to try salmon at some point so make sure to share how things go.
  3. smokinal

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    Good luck with the salmon!

    Sounds like if you could cook on that gasser that blew up, you can cook on anything!

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  4. GaryHibbert

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    Welcome.  It'll just take a few cooks to get your new pit figured out, then you're on your way again.  What did you get for a smoker??

  5. smokeusum

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    Oh, I've owned it in the past, but I'm taking it slow... I was going to hook the trailer up and head out with my ponies for a trail ride today, but opted out to set up my garden and just play with the fuel for my smoker and just take whatever time I needed to hook it up.

    I did brine a side of salmon last night, it's now resting under a fan hoping it might form a bit of a pellicule, but because I will hit smoke it, and the way I brine it, I know it'll never happen, but that's ok, because it'll be awesome anyway. After a really great brine, it's now coated with a layer of mustard, blackening seasoning, rum, & a bit of local honey, under the fan, it'll get a quasi pellicule and go great in the smoker. As longer as I can get the smoker on point, it'll be an amazing side of salmon!

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