If you were going to make wild hog and deer sausage, what equipment and materials would you use?

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  1. I am looking to make some hog and deer sausage, this is my first post and I have looked around a lot and have gotten a lot of good info. Usually it seems that when someone posts something on here, people always want more info, my only problem is that I guess I do not know enough to say what type of sausage I am looking to make, I just would like to make a good sausage that I can throw on the pit, cook till it spurts and then slice up and eat. I have read the lists of the different kinds, but reading and tasting are two different things. I am going to need to get a grinder and stuffer, and have read the posts about those and am probably going to go with the Northern Tool one, seems to be a favorite. As far as seasonings, cures, casings and such, which would you use to make sausage?

    So what I'm really asking is if you were going to make deer and wild hog sausage, what equipment do/would you use to make your favorite sausage, and what seasonings/cures, ingrediants do you use? Would you add a pork shoulder or butt?

    This is my first post, so if I am going about this wrong, or am doing something wrong, let me know, I'll put myself in the corner for a time out and not do it again.

    I have been impressed with how helpful everyone is on here, and am thankful I found this site.

    I do have a LittleTex electric smoker, and an unlimited supply of mesquite, that stuff is crazy.

    Thanks again.
  2. I think I posted this in the wrong spot, I probably should of posted this in the Sausage posts.

    But to add,

    Has anyone smoked any wild hog? Loins? Butts? 
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    Not  sausage maker (yet) so ican't help much there.

    I have smoked a few wild pigs and as long as its under 100 lbs on the hoof it is great eating, the big sows get strong, but can be ground for sausage  and the big boars IMHO are good fertilizer.
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    If you are going to cook it on a hot pit then you don't need cure. Your talking about fresh sausage. It doesn't even need to be put in casing. You could make patties & smoke them that way. Wild game is pretty lean so you probably would want to add some fat to it. I'm going to stop here & let the sausage guru's continue to give you the answers you are looking for.
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    Well this is only my recommendations. I would go to Northern Tools and buy a good grinder theirs I hear has metal gears that's important. Then look at their stuffers too. They have plastic gears but you aren't gonna wear them out by turning the handle that fast. Then check with them at the store ahd make sure that you can get extra grinder plates for the grinder. I know the ones near me you can purshase new plates at the store. Then go buy you a bunch of and get to making sausage and no the dog does not make good sausage I tried. You will soon be making anything you can into sausage.
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    Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. I make some wild pig sausage and venison sausage as many other members do. I have also smoked wild pigs and venison whole and in pieces as some of our other mambers have as well.

    What I would suggest to start with is a grinder and stuffer. You can start with some store bought sausage seasonings and that will get you going pretty easily.

    Here's a link to a place with some pretty good seasoning mixes I like the AC Leggs brand and they are usually pretty good


    I have tried the #8, #10, #101, #102, and #114 and they were all good.

    I would suggest getting a bag or two of this too you'll need it for anything except fresh sausage---Sodium Nitrite 4 oz. Bag - Legg Cure 6.25%

    I also really like their #113 Meatloaf seasoning mix
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    Pineywoods gave some good information... if your new to sausage making I would try a store bought seasoning......theres a large array of sausage stuffers and grinders. search stuffers and grinders here and you will find bookoos of info for your purchase of equipment

    Good luck and happy smoking

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    Ok the Gent's above gave you a good place to start...Now for my part...SAFETY and SANITATION...Sausage making is no JOKE! Because Grinding Mixes whatever Nasties on the Meat, all through the Meat...We go through many steps to make a product that is not going to make anyone sick...I could fill this page with details but the Basics are this....Keep your meat and equipment Cold at all times...Leave the meat in the fridge until all your ducks are in a row...It's a good Idea to Chill the Grinder Head and the Stuffer too...If your making 20 lbs of sausage, don't pull all the Meat out to Grind... do 4, 5lb batches...Keep your Equipment, Self and Work area Clean...When the job is done Sanitize the Area and Equipment with a good wash with 2TBS Bleach to a Gallon of Hot water...Let Everything AIR DRY, towel drying just re-contaminates...When it's time to Smoke...Fresh, Uncured Sausage needs to get up to 165*F ASAP, Smoke at 225*F...Cured Sausage...That which has been in contact with the proper amount of Nitrite for a given weight of Meat...For the proper length of time...Can be smoked at much lower temps ranging from 130*F to 200*F depending on the Recipe and Procedures available on the SMF...READ READ READ and trust these Folks Here to Help you...Most important use Comon Sense and HAVE FUN...All the Best...JJ
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  9. Thank you all, I feel like i'm getting another education.

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