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Discussion in 'Pork' started by plazdiddy, Jul 30, 2007.

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    hi guys...i wanted to ask everyone for their tips on how to smoke ribs for their optimal 6 hours without making them so dark in color. im looking for that red, almost glazed color. is everybody glazing them? [​IMG]

    the way i do it now, they come out tasting quite amazing with the near-falling-off-bone texture, but the bark is often a tad bit too chewy because theyve been exposed to heat for so long. ive tried cutting down on sugar for the rubs, but that move takes away too much of the needed flavor and gives you an overly salty or spicy product. any ideas?
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    Some may disagree with this idea but I use a little sodium nitrite (Tender quick) in my rub and let them rest an hour before smoking, the nitrite give them a nice red color. It may be cheating a bit but it seems to work .
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    I use lump charcoal with some wet hickory chips thrown in every now and then and never have any problems with them getting dark.

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