I will never have to buy charcoal again

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by johnboybaker, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. johnboybaker

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    Today I started my latest mad smoker built a charcoal keln. Here are the pics of the build and if this storm dose not make the first practice wet I will burn it out and paint tomorrow.

    Im on my phone but i will upload the full built tomorrow
  2. johnboybaker

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    I started with a steel drum with a removable lid

    I cut it in half at 20" down from the top and drilled the holes for the pipes to go

    Then i dilled the holes to mach all but the center one on the lid

    Then I welded the two parts back together with the bottom part upside down

    I coped the pipes to make the tee shaped regas burner and welded them together

    and welded caps on the ends

    Drill holes in the reburner bar on both sides at about a 45 downward ( i went back and up thr holes to 1/4")

    cut a door and some v shape air inlets

    welded the exhaust and reburner in the bottom and set on a old lid that had around the house form an old burn barrel

    pack with wood apply lid and ring and start a fire bottom and keep the fire going till the gas builds up and starts to burn from the reburner if the wood gas is leaking round the exhaust at the lid just pack some wet sand around them
    ALL galvanized was completely stripped from pipes
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    That's really a great idea, but holy cow, that's a lot of work for a bag of charcoal.

  4. johnboybaker

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    I'm a purist at hard sometimes and the charcoal log size so that I can throw it in the smoker for better heat control
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  5. johnboybaker

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    All so the only lump charcoal that can by found in Roanoke VA (that I can) is cowboy and royal oak and some off brand at Kroger. Cowboy is a little over a a buck a pound and royal is just under a buck a pound. Cowboy and the Kroger stuff I can get year round and royal only easly in the summer.


    I have found rocks nails screws and rubber in it, the only good bags I have found was old stock in a mom and pop hardware store and was made in the US but the bag with the rubber I found out was made in Mexico and packaged in the US.


    This stuff is mostly dust with a few good size pieces. Half the weight is to small to use,it falls right though the coal basket. And has rock in it also.


    This is what I like the best but I have to stock up on in the fall before they run out at Homedepot and don't get it back in tile April most of the time and I still find rocks in it.

    I know this was a long rant be it was the driving force of the built after some one put the idea in my head
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    Hey man I'm not criticizing you, actually I'm in awe that someone would take that much time to make their own charcoal. 

    I'm with you on the lump. Only one we can get that's any good around here is RO. That cowboy lump practically explodes in the smoker.

    Points to you my friend!

  7. johnboybaker

    johnboybaker Fire Starter

    I know you wasn't criticizing me I just started to explain and got into a major rent
  8. johnboybaker

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    This turned
    To this with a half cook ( the holes in my gas reburner was to small the gas came out with to much force and not mixing with the right amout of o2 to keep burning.)
    And i used half of it to finish the cook to make this
    A five gal bucket of charcoal. I will use this to cook charcoal that i can use for cooking
  9. johnboybaker

    johnboybaker Fire Starter

    got it tuned in good

    Wood gas burning good about finished gasing pic :biggrin: :grilling_smilie:

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