I want to make my own charcoal

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  1. I want to make my own charcoal but all the info I find on the web seems to be directed towards making charcoal for blacksmithing or forging. In these applications they use any type of wood available and are probably not too worried about remaining substances in the charcoal as I am in using it to cook over!
    I have a 55 gallon barrel and directions on how to modify it for making charcoal in and would like any info or links to info that would help me make cooking/smoking grade charcoal.
    I'm a newbie and this is only my second posting. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Being part of SMF is going to be fun AND informative!!
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    Gene...........You're the man!.............Where do you find this stuff?...LOL
  4. Thanks Grothe......It looks like good info!
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    Someone else posted that link but the post was lost in the crash (can't remember who).
    I save WAY too much stuff on my poor puter LOL
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    Why not just go the burn barrel route if you want something like that.

    Burn wood down to coal and shovel into the pit. Works great. SHould be the same net effect as homemade charcoal, but much easier and without the need to store it.

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    check out the "naked whiz" mine works great!
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    Man I love you guys! If you want to know just ask!
  10. I have a retort like Daniel O'connors that I have used for a few years. The charcoal it makes is not as good as some store bought charcoal but I have never found any garbage in my homemade charcoal and I can use whatever wood I want to use to make it (apple,cherry,oak,etc.). I have tryed the burn and smother technique and I think you get more consistant results with a retort. Take a look at these links.




    That should get you started. If you go with the retort place it 20' or so away from any buildings and dont fire it up under any trees. It will get very hot, and loud, it will be uncomfortable to stand within 6-8' of while it is outgassing. If anyone has any questions about it Ill answer as well as I can.
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    Thanks for the links. I especially like the 2nd one. I may be giving that a shot!![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Whats the point. If ya got alot of time on yer hands, Rock On! Me time is tooo valuable!

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