I tried the smoke mayo corn, experiment

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    I wanted to try the mayo corn we discussed on another thread.  I also tried using creamy italian dressing as well.  So I went to Wally World and picked up six ears of corn for this experiment.  I wanted to do 3 of each.  I will just say that I didn't care for any of it and maybe I did something wrong.

    Sorry for the bad pics, I used my video camera for pictures.

    Starting out, I soaked the ears in water for a little bit to loosen up the husks.


    Then after peeling the husks back and removing the silks, I smothered them in Mayo and Italian.  Then off to the smoker.


    I ran the smoker at between 200-220 for just under 2 hours.


    After pulling husks back I noticed that there was still quite a bit of mayo and italian still on there.  The tops of the corn that were a little exposed didn't have anything left, but the bottoms were still soaked in the dressings.


    That part had me concerned.  I was thinking all the dressing would have baked off.  Anyway, I tried the corn and didn't care for either one.  I am thinking I did something wrong.  

    But regardless, I learned stuff on this smoke so I guess it was worth it.  I learned my dial thermometer is 25 degrees high.  I learned that when I get the smoker up to the correct temp, my smoke set up puts out way to much smoke.  So those things made this smoke successful.
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    Sorry about your corn experiment gone awry, but you should be able to adjust your thermometer on the Smoke Vault if that's the one that is off.

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