I SCORED on a smoker! (seasoning advice??)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by westernhunter, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I found a MES at the local Sam's club that was the last one in the store -- it was the display model. I got it for $188.31!!! (plus tax)

    It is stainless and in pretty good shape with just the minor scuffs of a floor model and a small piece of the black plastic trim on the bottom of the door broken off. The model number is 20070407. The Sam's club item number is 904335 (to look it up on Sam's website). Is this the 30" or 40" model? It does not say anywhere, and it's measurements do not exactly match anything I have found online.

    It is outside now turned up to 275 and giving off some very noxious smoke from whatever they put in it at the factory. It was so bad I must have checked four times that I did not somehow leave some plastic inside!

    When the fumes stop it will get a couple hours of hickory to season. Should I spray the inside with oil or something for seasoning, or just use smoke?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. sumosmoke

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    You'll want to spray the inside of the smoker prior to having lit the fire to allow the oil to soak into the sides of the smoker, think of it as seasoning a cast iron skillet.

    Get that spray in there asap, all over the insides, and throw a couple pieces of hickory, or whatever you've got, in there, maintain internal temp of around 300-350, and let the coals run down.

    Good luck my friend in Pittsburgh! [​IMG]
  3. pigcicles

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    I'm not sure of the actual dimensions, but usually the MES smokers at SAM'S are made special for them and are a larger than average unit.

    Congrats on the score and don't forget the Q-view from it.
  4. waysideranch

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    Nice score Hunter.
  5. ronp

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    I believe that is the 40. Good score is right. One word of advice though, if you didn't buy an extended warrantee, run, don't walk, back and get the 3 year extended for 39 dollars. Factory warrantee is only 90 days and if the heating element goes out they are over 100 dollars to replace the body. I paid 299 and am happy with mine.

    So far the customer service is great. Waiting on a new door as we speak.
    The top and and sides were leaking smoke and heat. Also be careful with the chip loader as I have had 2 break. If it doesn't want to come out when you pull on it, just wait till all the chips or chunks, are gone and it will come out easy. I made that mistake by using chunks, I can still use them but now I know handle it. Be patient.
  6. Good advice on the warranty. I usually never get the warranty, but for that price I cannot go wrong. I will go back tomorrow right after work and get the warranty.
  7. ronp

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    At least you will be covered and have some leverage with Sam's. They usualy listen. Had a laptop problem after 1 year, with no extended warrantee, they gave me full credit for a new one. I got a new Sony for less than the original.
  8. Just so you know, I got the same one at Sam's last June. I have used it quite a bit and have very good results until this weekend when what looked like the element went out in it. The control box said it was heating, but I could put my hand on the element. I did not get the extended warranty on it, so I think I'm out of luck. I did look it over and they have riveted everything on it, so getting into it to see what is wrong is going to be a chore. I think I'm just going to tuck it away (the wife will love that) and buy a gasser. It is what I last had until it rusted away.

    Good luck with the new smoker and post some q-views.
  9. ronp

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    Talk to Sam's, you may get a new one from they are very good at that.
  10. bb53chevpro

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    Congrads on the new smoker. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
  11. So I went to season the smoker and noticed that the upper right part of the door by the hinge would not seal. The door was pulling away from the hinge....maybe damage since it was a floor model??

    I called Masterbuilt today and they said that they will have a new door in the mail tomorrow. Good as NEW MES for a cheap price! Giddyup!

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