I need help dialing in my Chargiller Smokin Pro Model #1224

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by checkmarc, Jul 12, 2014.

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    I've for the most part sealed the fire box and main grill (is there a tern for this).  I have to add some RTV to the firebox lid and a larger diameter gasket to the front of the hood on the main unit but that I've done is a huge improvement.  Using just the charcoal tray as the diffuser/baffle with no modifications other than the gasket and caulk and slices of bread to check the temperature distributions the first to rows of bread by the firebox on the right were about 50% darker, but not burnt, than the rest.  The temperature easily hit more than 250 degrees using just the temperature gauge on the hood.  This was with one load of charcoal in the better Weber Kettle chimney starter,  It also kept above 200 degrees for more than 3 hours.  So adjusting the vents should take care of that.

    I added the rails and used disposable aluminum roasting pan and cookie sheets as a prototype.

    The second picture is the bread as I placed them on the grate the third is flipped over.

    The heat distribution is vastly improved but not perfect but I couldn't get the temperature above 200 degrees.  I pulled the charcoal tray in the firebox out about an 1" for more air flow and no improvement.  I added more charcoal and still nothing.  I going to use this both as a smoker and a grill.

    My questions are how do I get the heat up more perforation in the baffle?  Extend the smoke stack? 

    To even out the heat I know that going to a heavier gauge metal than disposable aluminum cookie sheets and roasting pan will help.  Also going to the larger diameter gasket.  Is there anything else to look at before I do that?  What gauge for the baffle (I'm trying to do this myself and don't have access to much more than a hack saw type tools)?  Aluminum or steel (steel will hold heat loner but aluminum is easier to work)?

    Is the heating tray for the firebox worth the money?  Also have any of you relocated the warming tray in the main unit higher?  Found away to remove and also reinstall it easily?  I found that it extra space was handy when I smoked some tasso over Christmas but it will get in the way of a pork butt or turkey.

  2. I have the chargriller outlaw. Almost same as yours except bigger unit. I have prepared some great smoked meats on it. If you like you can go to my profile and check threads started to see some of my smokes. A few mods I reccomend.
    Get new therms at grate level. I bought new therms from amazon - http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B008B...qid=1406334715&sr=8-13&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70 However you can buy cheaper ones.

    Next you can buy or make a charcoal basket. You need to do some mods for it to sit in firebox. I bought mine from- http://yokeup.net/XXLBaskets.html

    I bought a baffle from- http://www.kickassbbqsouth.com/smoke-book-and-baffle.html?m

    I also extended my chimney to grate level with dryer vent.

    Also, got rid of warming rack. Only got in my way with big meats. Hope this helps.
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    I agree with 5oclocksomwhere above. Anything you can do to lock in the heat and smoke will give you more control over your smoker. I also have a Chargriller Outlaw and the modifications I made are below:
    -charcoal basket
    -RTV silicone between firebox and cooking chamber
    -dropped the smoke stack
    -(2) 4"x19" gauge metal baffles
    -angle iron along the top lid with stove gasket
    -two additional temperature gauges

    All the modifications make above let's me smoke a full basket of charcoal for 5-7 hours at roughly 225 - 275, with the even temperatures across the cooking chamber. With a little elbow grease, the Outlaw can be an efficient and detailed smoker.

    Good luck!
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    I've sealed both boxes.  I have to re-do the main front lid with a thicker rope gasket and the lid for the firebox with flat Nomex gasket.  The red RTV just doesn't take the heat.  I'm waiting for a basket.  I've been using the Maverick ET-732 for controls but I'll probably add to analog thermostats in the future.  The only major hold up is the 1/4" plate for the baffle that stuff not cheap.  The temperature seems pretty consistent, 10 to 15 degree from 1/3 of the distance from the firebox to 2/3s, with the chimney as it is but I'm not against changing it once I get everything else finished.

    Thanks! :)

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