I Need Help cooking for 200 people (Pull Pork Dinner)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by oconeeal, Feb 27, 2014.

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      I have cooked 35 lbs of Boston Butt a few times to feed a small group and as a fundraiser at church.  I have been asked to cook for 200 as a fundraiser for Relay For Life.  I feel comfortable in cooking 3 batches of 30 to 35 pounds to have a 100 lbs of meat.  Here's where I need some help.  First of all the dinner is March 25th and my local Kroger store has Boston Butts on sale for $1.49 lb.  Will I be okay  to go ahead and pick the meat up and put in the freezer for a couple of weeks.  The dinner is on a Tuesday night as I will be taking off work that day to do all the sides and set up.  I know I can get 35 lbs of Boston Butts on my Kamado Kooler Grill at a time so I will have to make 3 cooks.  What I am thinking (but please need all the help I can get) is to put my first batch on Sat night and let it cook till they are done on Sunday.  Do I go ahead and pull and reheat or reheat whole butt the day of the dinner and then pull.  I will put my second batch on Sunday night and pull off on Monday they go then put my third batch on then to come off early Tuesday.  Thanks for any help.  So is it better to pull when they are done or reheat the whole butt the day of and then pull.  I know when I reheat to make sure the meat stay moist.  
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    The Butts will be fine in the freezer for a couple of weeks.   Actually, if they are cryovac'ed, check the "sell by date" and you might even find that you can keep them in a fridge if you want. 

    From my experience, it's better to go ahead and pull the butts, bag it all and put them in your fridge.

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