I need a new food processor make some recomendations.

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  1. rio_grande

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    Well the time has come. I need a new food processor. As big as I can get. My old one tries to launch off of the counter when drop in cut up onions. I dont want anything with 5 safetys or anything, it is a food processor if you stick your figer in it ,,,, you will get processed. :)
  2. chainsaw

    chainsaw Smoking Fanatic

    [​IMG]I like my GE it has suction cup feet does not move Walmart I can't remember how much not a lot.
  3. bmudd14474

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    Kitchen Aid.  I have one and its got a ton of torque and is nice and quiet. Well worth the money.
  4. We have a Cuisinart (Custom Prep II) which comes with two bowls and two blades plus a bunch of other gizmos. Cuts everything we have thrown at it and I use the dough blade to mix dough for bread et al.

    It does have a bunch of safety gear but I've never found it intrusive.
  5. rio_grande

    rio_grande Smoking Fanatic

    Well Chainsaw won. Wife saw me looking at that unit on the net today and brought it home tonight :)
  6. chainsaw

    chainsaw Smoking Fanatic

    Mine was sort of a Christmas gift I got myself [​IMG]  but I like it
  7. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    This company is very competative - if you sign up for their emails you get even cheaper prices

    I just bought the Cuisinart 12 cup from them for $189 - free shipping and guarantee lowest pricing - good customer service

  8. chefrob

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    cool site gary.......

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