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    I own two smokers.One is more of a basic BBQ unit a Brinkmann Smok'n Pit that is ten years old. I have smoked on it a few times but mainly use it as a bbq unit.I like the clam shell design. I paint it every season but that's where it ends as I don't smoke with it. My other unit is an Oklahoma Joe Highland. Still modding it. I will be adding an oak pit Santa Maria style unit in my backyard. Santa Maria BBQ Tri-tip is my love. I just made a rub I like. Been failing on making my own bbq sauce. Been trying to make a southern Memphis style. Where I grew up there was a small joint in Bakersfield CA called Mr. Tibbs Ribbs. Sadly he died when a whale capsized his fishing boat and the new owner died of a heart attack. True story... google it. His sauce was similar to Neely's. Was the best I have ever had. I want to bridge two kinds of bbq together. A southern smoke rub and sauce with the cooking style of Santa Maria. I live in Utah now but miss being able to get a tri-tip sandwich from and gas station. So I want to do it at home. Not going to open up a shop and not going to compete at competitions. Just a home hobby. I learned that lesson with IT. I used to have computers as a hobby. I now do IT for a living and have learned that hobbies can become a nightmare.
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