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Discussion in 'Food Safety' started by richoso1, Jun 5, 2010.

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    on an episode called " Tex-Mex" (2010). She made a marinade that included lime juice and orange juice, then she put raw chicken and raw flank steak into the same container. After she pulled it out of the fridge, she directly placed both chicken and beef on the same flat grill pan to cook at the same time, without even a rinse. I don't know how safe that would be, maybe someone can set my apprehensions aside..
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  2. It's totally safe as long as both products were cooked to 165F, which is the temp the chicken needs to be cooked to. 
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    With all due respect, then why do we smoke chicken on the lowest rack, below any other meats? Contamination from raw drippings?
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  4. eman

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    Yes that is why we smoke yard bird on the bottom rack.

    Allthough i would never marinate chicken in the same container with any other meat,

     i can see where with all citrus juice marinade and cooking on high heat some would consider it safe.

     Would i do it? NO.
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    One as long as they both are cooked to the proper temp. no problem...

    we do not like the drippings of chicken to fall on red meat or other meat because of the contamination problem here it was cooked on the same plain not over each other.

    They also take the marinade and cook it to temp and use it as juice or part of a dipping sauce.

    I would not do it as one little bug will get away and cause a big problem  LOL
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  7. richoso1

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    Jerry, I agree with your opinion, and I practice the same technique. My concern is that the general public sees and hears these things, and they will mostly take it for granted that it is a safe practice. And possibly some new members too.
  8. rdknb

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    It may be a good idea to email the food network and mention that to them .  I too place poultry on the bottom rack, to me you can not be too safe
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    Giada went to culinary school so she should be aware of the danger factor [​IMG]. I have smoked wings alongside sausages but they never swam in the same pool before the TBS.   
  10. richoso1

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    I just sent an email to the FoodNetwork asking for an explanation. Let's see how they respond, if they do, I'd be surprised.
  11. forluvofsmoke

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    That email response sure would be interesting, richoso...

    I think most of our methods for prep/cooking of meats are based on traditions passed down through the generations. Some of these traditions were long ago based on theories regarding cross-contamination and safe cooking temperatures, etc, while other methods are based upon proven fact through modern science.

    As for using the same container for different types of meats for a marinade, and especially simultaneously marinating two (or more) types...I can't say that I would ever use that method...I can say that the idea just doesn't give me a very warm, happy feeling inside. If I knew this method was used for a meal being prepared for me to eat, I would likely be skeptical about partaking. Would my personal convictions on the subject be justifiable? Until proven otherwise to me, in what I would determine to be an acceptable method of testing, yes. So, that said, I would lean towards the "traditional" method of not mixing meats before cooking...ever. That's just me...

    A contradiction to my statement about not mixing different types of meats is a common practice, which I do enjoy eating regularly...beef/pork mixed country style sausage (smoked or fresh), purchased from a meat market back in my childhood stomping grounds. There are many other sausage/wurst recipes which contain two or more species of meats, including among the most common, which there is a high consumer demand for...I speak of none other than the good ol' hot dog, which is, as any of us who read labels knows, loaded with stuff that most of us would rather not ingest.

    My opinion is this: when in doubt, don't do it. In this case, how much more trouble would it be to use two containers for marinating the meats separately? Not much...maybe an extra 20 seconds of clean-up time...so, why risk raising someone eyebrows over it??? I try not do anything when I prep or cook which may cause someone else distress...if I knew someone didn't trust me to cook their meal...well, that wouldn't make me feel very good..not one bit.

    I digressed...again! LOL!!!

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  12. As a Certified HACCP Manager, I'll give you my $0.02

    1) Yes, keep chicken on the bottom rack of your smoker. The same goes for your fridge. The product that requires the highest temp to cook should be on the bottom. So, it might go like this: 

    Top - Veggies

    2nd shelf - beef, steaks, brisket, etc., not ground beef. (internal temp of 120F or more, though some like steak really rare)

    3rd shelf- pork, ground beef (The new temp for pork is 145F, but I still like it cooked to the old 155F, ground beef is 155F too)

    4th shelf- poultry (165F, and if you stuff a turkey, the stuffing needs to reach 165F too)

    2) You can marinate whatever you like together, but you need to cook it to the highest common denominator. Example, if you marinate chicken, onions, steak tips, and carrots, the mixture needs to be cooked to 165F because of the chicken. 

    We can also talk about the Temperature Danger Zone as well if you like. Let me know! 
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  13. chefrob

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    even though i like mine at 125-130 , this temp would not fly with the local health dept.
  14. mballi3011

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    I to keep all my poulrty on the bottom racks for that just what I do. Now I haven't always done that but it wasn't till the last few years that I would smoke any different meat in the same smoker. Now it has been a conversation here for years about the food safety of where to place chicken and I figured we always agreed to keep it on the bottom. Now I will be awaiting the reply from The Food Network's answer too. I have seen them do some stupid things before for I watch alot of it too. 
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  15. athabaskar

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    Some good, sensible replies to this thread. One thing to consider is that marinading in lime and orange juice essentially cooked the meats, as in ceviche. The important thing was to bring them to a safe temperature to verify the demise of any bad stuff. I personally would never marinade two different meats together. It's just creepy to me having been taught food safety when food sources were not as safe as today. Even now, if you saw how chickens are commercially processed most would be horrified.
  16. bearcarver

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    Does Giada cook on her show?

    I knew she was hot, but I never knew she did any cooking.

  17. ondagawood

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    Yes she does, she went to culinary school in Italy, she's the daughter of Dino DeLaurentis,

    famous movie producer.

    Enjoy the view (I mean show !)
  18. harryho

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    Actually, she attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, not in Italy, also, she is Dino DeLaurentis' Grand Daughter.
  19. coffee_junkie

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  20. richoso1

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    I did email the FoodNetwork regarding my concerns, and aside from an automated confirmation of my question, I have yet to get an answer. If and when I do, I'll post it here at SMF.

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