I have the fridge...Now what?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by auggie1969, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. auggie1969

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    I found and purchsed ($40) a 1951 GE refridgerator. All metal/porceline inside and out. I don't think I will need to do any additional metal work excpet the bottom to deflect heat and drippings. What's my next step? This is my first try at a homemade smoker. I currently have a MES and I use a Smoke Pistol for the smoke. I have seen some good and bad reviews of the pistol but I love the thing. I need to provide the heat inside the fridge. Should only need a range of 110* to 250*. I have seen some very simple set ups and some very complicated set ups. Looking for ideas so I can set the temp and let'er smoke. I appreciate any help.
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    Nothing to add here, I am in the same boat. Okay, I guess I will add a question. If I use an electric heating element used for the Brinkman electric conversion, is there a way to control the amount of heat? I know one option is to use a PID controller or thermostat with a remote bulb sensor, but that is an expence I cant take on yet, but want to in the future.

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