I have the best wife ever... :)

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  1. So,
    3 weeks ago, we are watching TV, and she says... Those new retro muscle cars are cool, you should look at getting one.

    I kind of thought she was kidding.
    3 days later..." Have you looked at the new cars and your trade in value . I think I want you to get a Challenger or a Camaro..."

    Come home a week later, and she is shopping for options on the web for my new "Camaro"

    Anyway.. seems like she wants me to get a new Camaro... Who am I to argue :)
  2. Watch out sounds like hanky panky. Just kidding!!!!!!!!
  3. timtimmay

    timtimmay Action Team

    I'd have to disagree with you, I can't imagine a better wife than mine[​IMG]

    My brothers wife bought 'him' a nice mustang last year, but not it seems she drives it more than he does[​IMG]

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