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    But my wife does, so I got roped into adding three whole chickens on my offset reverse flo stick burner today, along with two boston butts and 4 cured loins for Canadian bacon.  Pulled the loins @ 145 and they are terrific.  Pulled the chickens @ 165, the wife likes them, says they're a little smoky.  I think they're greasy.  Certainly are juicy.  How do you smoke them so the fat and juice don't just run out of them when you pull them?  Had them on an open grille, breast back side down, smoked @ 250.took 4 hrs 15min.
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    Juice is good..... But if you'll let the chickens set for 30 mins after cooking a lot more of the juices will reconstitute into the meat. Nothing is as bad as dry meat. Well maybe creosote.

    You can cook them longer but the dry out quickly.

    Oh and I have to say, you are only the second person I ever met that didn't like chicken, or admitted it anyway. Had an uncle wouldn't eat chickens or pork because they raised 'em when he was a kid and he had enough of them. Man, I am sorry ya don't like 'em.
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    With whole birds and offsets the best strategy is keep them breast down and buttocks toward the heat source. Do not spill the juice which accumulates inside the cavity over the breast. That is what bastes the breast if a person dont lose it. Not sure where the 165 come in but chickens and turkeys is done when the instant read gauge says 175 in the fat part of the thigh..no holes allowed to be poked in the breastes...then it needs to rest wrapped and in the hot box for at least and hour. Drag it out for a final sweet spicy glaze on the end if you want. Headcountry Regular Sauce with a little Orange Blossom honey in it...a little Spicy A 1 sauce for some heat..works wonderful.
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    Here's the third.  My dad wouldn't eat a chicken (or turkey) if there was nothing left on the Earth to eat.  Serving on aircraft carriers during Korea, eating from slop troughs in the enlisted mess hall, ruined him on chicken.  I've given up trying to convert him. 
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    I hear that. my dad came home from ww2 and would never eat lamb in his life...he said the stink of lambchops from the mess hall gave him nightmares....
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    My mom was also a chicken hater. Spent the summers on her grandma's farm in South Carolina and was slightly scarred by the chickens literally running around with their heads cut off. Also, she said that the chicken coupe was the most disgusting place she'd ever seen haha
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    I can understand this one. Spent a year in Afghanistan on an Australian base, lamb every way, every day. It didn't help the cooks were all Indian and it was curry lamb or non curry lamb. Glad lamb is not an American regular meat like chicken.
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    My Father-in-law spend most of WWll in the South Pacific. Aussie Lamb and Mutton three meals a day. Would not even be in the house on the rare occasions my MIL would make the lamb she loved. This syndrome is very common with men from that era...

    My Dad worked in Grandpa's butcher shop. His primary duty was cleaning the chickens daily...WE ate very little chicken growing up, usually if Dad would not be home for supper that day...JJ
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    How this got from Chicken to Lamb beats me , [​IMG]  . Foamheart had it nailed in the first reply, but since it's done , I too think Lamb or Mutton especially  , stinks and has a not  so pleasing taste to me. Too much time in N.M. eating the stuff on then RR.

    Have fun and . . .

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