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    So my sister in law is throwing a post wedding party in mid Oct in swfl. They want me to smoke. Right now I am just starting to build my new smoker so I bet the party will be first use. They have thrown ideas about pull pork, ribs, turkey and brisket. It will be for about 50 guests. They want 2 maybe 3 meats. Please help with planning. I really have one chance to make it turn out right. Many local food critics will be at the dinner.
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  2. That all sounds good. Polish sausage and chicken are also always a hit.

    If you get a chance do a few test runs on your new pit before the big day.

    Also try to have most of it cooked in advance. Then reheat the day of the


    Happy smoken.

  3. mdboatbum

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    Sounds like you'd better get that smoker finished early and get it broken in. The first run on a new smoker being for an important event sounds like a recipe for disaster. That party sounds like it would be an intimidating situation for a veteran using a tried and true rig. Any chance you can use your current smoker? At the very least, I'd say skip the brisket, do the pulled pork in advance and then just do ribs and turkeys day of. You can run fairly hot for both meats, say 325, and they both should be done in right around 4 hours. Good luck!!
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    I would have to do some major repairs to use my old system. I do have access to a smoke shack style system
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    Exactly what MD said! What ever smoker you use try and get a few smokes with it. I am a big fan of pre-cooking pulled pork. As MD said I'd smoke the ribs and turkey that day. I would opt for turkey breasts over whole birds.

    Don't forget sides. Coleslaw, beans and Mac n cheese are all easy to prep in advance. There are some great recipes for all three here.
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    I've done something like this before. I hosted my sister-in-laws rehearsal dinner for 30 people. She wanted a luau for her rehearsal and traditional for her reception. So, I volunteered to do the luau. I'd recommend getting other people involved: have someone else do the set up, sides, cleanup, etc... That way you can focus on the hot foods. I also had a huge advantage that my boss was on board and let me use the kitchen at work to do everything! I gave him an order and he got everything I needed from a local purveyor. He even let throw the pork butts into the imu at the previous luau.

    A full imu is a happy imu! Man that sounds kinda familiar...

    I agree with the above posts about getting a couple of practice smokes under your belt.

    Good luck! If you can remember we'd love to see pics.
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    There are some good suggestions here , but as for expence ,I suggest a couple of Pork Butts. Easy , simple and with a finishing sauce , great crowd pleaser [​IMG]. Some buns ,Cole Slaw , Sauce  and desert will fill them totally.[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
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    Just talking to them. Looks like butt and some sort of chicken
  9. X3 !!! 

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