I died and went to Hades......

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oldschoolbbq, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. oldschoolbbq

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    It felt that way anyhow.

    My long trusted A/C kicked the bucket and with humidity and heat up , my COPD and CHF is not giving me any break.

    I noticed the temp. on the wall thermostat was creeping up daily and the old Cooler was groaning more and more , so Trish and I called Arron's and had a new one delivered.

    I have had all the fans in the house going to keep the A/C going and it only cooled it down to 88*f (inside temp. -I checked it with my Thermopen [​IMG]), breezy with all the fans, but better than the muggy upper 90's outside. 

    Within 1 hr. of installation, the temp. was down to a nice 72*F in the house . What a life saver.

    It seems we are going to have a Booger of a Summer , so all ya'll out there with Breathing difficulties... stay cool and de-humidify the air... sure helps and you don't stay worn-out all the time.

    I didn't want to grow-up , but one day I woke-up OLD [​IMG]  .

    Have fun you guys.... and
  2. Stan

    It is for sure the wrong time of year to be without AC.

    That reminded me to replace the filter and wash out the coils.

    Happy smoken.


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