i am looking for a good thermometer

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  1. Hello all, i am looking for a good meat thermometer with a grate temp probe that i can buy at Wally-World or Lowes or somewhere like that.

    Thanks in advance for all of the help.
  2. Damn that's a long link....

    This is for the Maverick 732. They have a 733 model also, which I think he replaceable probes, but I didn't see it on their list. I've got this one and most on this forum use some version of the Maverick.

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    Lowe's did have the Master Forge brand of digital read out that check out good with ice water 32 degrees and boiling water 212 degrees and were fairly priced. Hard to beat the Maverick for a little more $.
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    This your new link courtesy of tinyurl.com-


    Here is a link to tinyurl.com, neat little site, I use it to avoid posting those maddeningly long web addresses-

  6. thanks all, i ended up getting a new weber style from bass pro i didnt want to wait on shipping im going to attempt to smoke a 9.9 pound butt this weekend
  7. Congrats on the smoker be watching for your butt smoke this weekend

  8. i know im a bit behind on this but i tested the thermometer i got and it was under 4 degreesF when i did the boiling water test would that be suitable for pork butts, briskets, chicken, and such?
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    I got the ordered the Maverick 733 yesterday with a discount code and got it for $50 with free shipping. Looking forward to it's arrival.
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    Water boils at different temps depending on your elevation. You can find out your elevation then google boiling water at so&so ele.
  11. ok so i am at 1650.137 feet i googled a calculator and it said water boils at 209.06F and it was reading 208 so thats pretty good i guess 
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    The Thermaworks website has a nice Boiling Point Calculator on their Software page.
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    I would be happy with that.
  14. Thanks all.

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