I am in the idea stage, building a smoker/grill

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  1. I am wishing to make a smoker/grill. The grill will traditional and be fueled by charcoal. I see the side fire box fitted with a propane burner and lava rocks to fuel the smoker. I wish to move the fire box to underneath the grill box. And have the propane burner heat the bottom on the grill box directly. I have a 28 gallon air compressor I plan to use as the grill box. Why do I want this style. I want a long lasting grill, not a disposable grill. My wife likes to grill on charcoal or wood. I have smoked on a Brinkmann electric smoker for the past 25 years, love the consistency of electric and propane, thus why I wish to have the smoker/grill I described. Thanks for all you help, Tomm
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    It all sounds good now go build it. You can find alot of good ideas in the build section here to.
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