Hy-Vee prices 11/25/09

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    I made the mistake of going to the grocery store around noon today to grab a few things that we needed around the house. Apparently so did the rest of the city. That place was a zoo. Everyone trying to get everything for a Thanksgiving dinner 24 hours before they serve it. Geesh.

    Anyhow, with turkeys and hams being the big draw right now I found a couple of decent priced things.

    I picked up 2, 3+lb chuck roasts at $1.99lb (which is cheap for them). They look really nice too. They had a couple hundred of these things laid out. Most around 2 lbs. I had to dig around a little to find the ones that were just over 3lbs. Usually I like to go even bigger than that. But at that price I'll take 'em.

    Also, I grabbed a 4lb pack of boneless CSRs at $1.49 per pound.

    They only had a few racks of St. Louis ribs at $4.99lb and a couple packages of Corned Beef Brisket flats at $4.00 a lb. I passed on both of those. No bone-in butts. Somebody on here the other day was talking about beef tenderloin. Hy-Vee had had it for $19.99 per lb. Yikes. Tasty stuff though.

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