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  1. smokeymose

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    I've gotten really interested in dry/slow curing (I have some Pancetta & Capicola in UMAi bags right now, 2 weeks in and yes, they are in a modern full size frost free fridge).
    My problem is that I don't trust humidity readings. Is there a good humidity monitor?
    I got a couple and they are way different...

    The one on the wall is actually unbelievable.

    I understand that if I want to do true dry curing, humidity is important, especially with Bactoferm cultures.

    Please don't tell me I need a $200 piece of equipment...

  2. c farmer

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    I have a cheap one I got from Amazon. 10 bucks I think. How accurate is it? Who knows. I would like to get a better one at some point.

    But I think it's close enough, of you watch your meat and mold you can adjust your humidity as you think.
  3. alan123

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    I had the same problem when I set up my curing chamber. In my opinion the "dial" meters, as you have pictured, are worthless. I ended buying three different digital humidistats just out of frustration and all were very close to the same, but not exactly on each other...... tossed the dial and now I'm satisfied with three digitals in my chamber.
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  4. smokeymose

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    I guess I'll get another digital of a different brand and average it out. So much for technology...

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