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  1. From Colorado here. I found this website, and it looks like a great tool to use to learn smoking. I have used a neighbors smoker a few times, and have grown fond of it. Now I am looking to purchase one of my own. There are so many out there, I am alittle confused on what to get. Any info you can give a new guy would be great. I am thinking of going the way of charcoal or wood. Do you think something like propane, or electric would be better for the new guy? Which one would you suggest? Cost is definately a problem for me. Can break the bank unfortunately. Thanks all, this site has alot of great info.
  2. bbq bubba

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    Welcome to the SMF! [​IMG]
  3. rip

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    Welcome to the site. I have gas........I mean the smoker is gas.
  4. homebrew & bbq

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    Welcome to SMF, Sparky! You are certainly right. This is a great place to learn about smoking. The folks here are friendly and helpful and always ready to answer questions.

    I have an electric smoker in part because it was a gift, but it also fits my schedule. It doesn't need as much attention as a charcoal or wood burner. Other folks around here swear by their wood burners and tending to them is their passion.

    So the right smoker for you has a lot to do with what you want and what you expect as well as what you can afford.

    I'm sure there will be folks by shortly who can do a better job of telling you about other smokers.

    We're glad you joined us. [​IMG]
  5. gramason

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    Welcome aboard the SMF, I use a Chargriller, and that is what I started on. Works well thanks to a few mods I did that I found on this site.
  6. pescadero

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    Nice to have you on board, Sparky. Scroll down through the site and you will find threads featuring Electric, Gas and Wood burners. There will be lots of good reading. Anyone who posted to these threads will gladly answer questions. Just take your time and don't rush. Also sign up for Jeff's 5 Day eCourse. It will get you started in the right direction.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Hello and welcome to the SMF. Be sure and try Jeff's 5 day ecourse, great basics and a review too. You'll find plenty of help here, from some very friendly members. Take your time reading around about smoker types, it will help you make your decision. Remember that almost everyone upgrades or changes over to something different along the road. It's all good!
  8. smokeys my pet

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    Welcome to smf. I have a Brinkman Smoke-N-Pit that I started on and really like. Hope you enjoy as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. fatback joe

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    Welcome to the forum. I would recommend a wsm as a new smoker, but there are many good ones out there for a reasonable price. Just got to do the homework and decide what is best for you.

    Here is a link to info on the wsm if you are interested. Good luck.
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    Welcome, glad you found us.
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    Welcome to the SMF
  12. hillbillysmoker

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    Welcome Sparky. Nice to have you on the forum. You have received alot of great advice on smokers from the friendly folks here. The smokers that forum members use are as varied as the members. I have a Bradley Electric and love it. I am always willing to field any questions you have about it.
  13. moltenone

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    Sparky welcome to SMF,read and study ,ask questions then make an informed decision on which smoker bests suits you and your wallet,also consider learning curves.

  14. deejaydebi

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    Welcome Sparky -

    A few things you might want to consider are:

    1 - Price what can you afford or what are you willing to spend?
    2 - do you want to be in control of your smoke/fire or do you want to set it and forget it?
    3 - Will you be fighting the winter cold or summer heat? Do you need an insulated smoker or will a wind brake be enough?
    4 - Do you have access to cheap wood in unlimited supply or would coal or propane be easier to obtain? MAybe electric would be best?
    5 - Size sometimes it's better to wait and save up for a bigger smoker than to buy a small version that won't met your needs
  15. So I'm wondering if something like propane or electric would be easier to learn on for a first smoker? Or go straight for wood, or charcoal. I am leaning towards propane right now.

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