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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rwc565, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I just got a new Brinkman smoke n pit. I smoked a side of ribs (first time) last night and they actually turned out very well. They were moist and very tender. I'am looking forward to doing alot of cooking on the smoker. I'am a beginner so I'm sure I will ruin a lot of meat while trying to learn. I know that just because my first attempt was a success they all wont be!

    I live in the part of Oklahoma that has suffered through a large ice storm. A lot of trees were destroyed, and I had a large pear tree that lost 3 large limbs. Does anyone know if that wood would be good for smoking? I also have several hickory and oak trees on my 20 acres that has lost limbs so I should be set for wood for quite awhile.
  2. blackhawk19

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    Welcome to the SMF. Any wood that bares fruit or nuts is good for smoking and some others also. Pear is close to apple and good for poultry and pork.
  3. ron50

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    Welcome to the forum, glad to have you join us. There are a lot of mistakes we all make along the way but the best news is that you get to eat all the mistakes and they are usually mighty tasty.

    Pear is a nice mild fruit wood. Probably would taste great with pork or poultry. Make sure you season it before you use it.

    Looking forward to hearing about your smoking adventures.
  4. homebrew & bbq

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    Welcome to SMF! Good to hear that your first smoke came out so well. With the help of the folks here you will have many more of those in the future.
  5. pigcicles

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    Welcome to SMF rwc565. Keep reading and asking questions and I'll bet you don't ruin anything so bad you can't eat it.
  6. smokeys my pet

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    Welcome to smf. Congrats on your 1st smoke of many, it is very addictive. Be sure to check out the 5-day ecourse!!!!!!!!!!
  7. bustedluckbarbq

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    First welcome to the SMF! I second Smokey's suggestion... the 5 day ecourse is full of great info and it's free.... i messed a couple things up so far... i thought... but never threw any out.... and others still claimed to like it...
  8. ds7662

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    Welcome to SMF!. You see how this stuff works so fast. Its great. Some questions already answered. Gotta love this place.
  9. bigal

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    Welcome to SMF! [​IMG]
  10. meowey

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    Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  11. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum! [​IMG]
  12. Man I got a lot of responses quick. Seems like alot of nice people here. I'm sure I will enjoy getting to know all of y'all. Be warned that I will ask a lot of questions!
  13. DS 7662 are you a Police Officer? I ask because I have used your quote many times myself!


    How ever at my age I dont chase em like I used too! that's what rookies are for.
  14. low&slow

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    Welcome to the SMF. I also have a Brinkmann SNP and use pear wood. If you have any questions just ask. 1 thing Ive learned from my SNP is if you raise the charcoal box (inside the smoke chamber) all the way up on the left and all the way down on the right, it makes a great baffle to control the heat.
  15. desertlites

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    welcome to smf-ya u gonna find a lotta good folk in here& alot of help.glad to have ya
  16. When using the Taylor Probe thermometer, do you leave it in the meat while smoking? Or do you put in the probe periodicaly?
  17. glued2it

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    Welcome to SMF! That blasted ice storm! I was without power for 11 days! 5 of them without a generator. I stocked up on my share of wood too.

    If you need any help just let me know. We'll have to get together and blow some smoke.

    When it warms up we'll have to get some of the other local members to have a big cook out!!!!
  18. cman95

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    Leave it in while cooking. Wrap your probe lead in foil, it will help it last longer. By the way, welcome to SMF.
  19. richoso1

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    Congrats on joining the SMF, beat smoke site on Earth. I'm sure you'll find use for the limbs off your fruit trees, good smokin'.
  20. kookie

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    Welcome to the site. Glad you made it through the storm.


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