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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ghunt, May 18, 2014.

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    Hey everyone! New guy here, I'm from northern West Virginia, just semi-recently got into smoking.

    My wife and FIL got me a Chargriller Duo for my birthday about a year and a half ago and I've been loving it. Have mostly done ribs on it so far and everyone has loved them. I work with a guy that does a lot of smoking and have read some books, and that has at least gotten me started.

    I have been using Kroger brand hardwood lump, with some additional hickory chunks purchased at the store. The Kroger hardwood lump seems to have a lot of hickory in it anyway as when you open the bag it has a very strong hickory smell.

    Now, this coming weekend I'm going to a get-together with some friends and I really wanted to make some pulled pork.

    I tried to make a shoulder last year, smoked it for 5-6 hours and did the rest wrapped in foil (close to 10 hours total), I can't remember what I got the internal temperature up to (I think about 170 or so?), and while it tasted great it was not tender.

    Does it need more time or do I need more heat? Is it a good idea to wrap it in foil? I generally have good luck keeping the temperature in my duo at around 220-230 degrees, but it seems to be very difficult to get it to go higher and stay there.

    Another question I have- my brother gave me a small pile of cherry that I would like to use for the shoulder. It's all good very dry wood from a 4-5" diameter tree. I'm ruling out using the Kroger hardwood lump with it because the hickory in it will overpower the cherry. So, am I best off to use regular briquets to get it started and then put on the cherry? Should I just cook with the cherry from the get-go? Not sure what the best route is. I have a chimney starter that I usually use to start the lump charcoal on the gas side burner on the grill, could probably use it to start the wood too.

    Also, how big of a deal is it if the wood still has bark on it? This stuff pretty much all has bark because it's from such a small tree, seems like it'd be difficult to remove it all.

    Thanks, and it looks like this place will be very helpful!
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  3.   Hello and welcome.  Get that Pork shoulder up to about 205º or so wrap it in a couple of towels stick it in the cooler for and hour or so and that shoulder bone should slide right out, Perfect Pulled Pork. I like cherry wood, pretty much all fruit woods are good for smoking. We don't have a Kroger in Tyler so I am not familiar with their lump. We have Brookshire's here and I emailed the store and asked who they bought their Lump from since it had their store packaging. He named the company and said that did most of the Lump for all the major grocery chains, Kroger included. Since it is already Charcoal I wouldn't think it would impart much of any kind of distinct flavor other than that of charcoal. The Cherry will give it a mild great smokey flavor. Hope this helps, be sure and post some pictures and let us know how it turns out. (don't worry about the bark on you wood)

    Gary S
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    Thanks Gary, you talking about 205 internal? I will probably try to get it started early in the day and let it go all day long and see how it does, and go from there.

    What do you think about the straight wood vs. charcoal thing? Am I better off to save my wood after a few hours of smoking and just use charcoal for heat?

    Another thing I had thought about but forgot until today, how is pork loin for pulled pork? Saw a 5 lb one at the store today for $11, might be able to get that tender faster.
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