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  1. Hi fellow smokers,

    My first post.Really excited about this.I have learned so much from MSF already.. I have a MB dual fuel that has all of the upgrades....I do read  so I dont havea question ......My name is Dave and I come from NY. I do have a cook coming up for Fathers day.  Chicky thighs and TBS and what I will call STB.....Sweet peppers with cream cheese,chrushed pineapple wrapped in Bacon and let em go.

    ABTs will be simply a standard ....with small layer of Anduille saugage and Cumin added to the the cream cheese....just a little.

    The thighs are sitting in the fridge with Bells Poultry seasoning after scraping the crap out of the skins. Yeah I know its a comp thing but I have done it for years for the oven.....nasty job.

    Once the thighs get into the smoke it will be heaven.

    Cook time will go like this....

    Pepper appys will go 225 for 2 hours....Go back home get my wife....10 minute turn around. Crank up the MB to 325 or so just to corardinate with my sister and throw those thighs in....we were taught at an early age how to cook, I can cook bread on a stick with qiuck mix.

    Well enough about me, I have food prep to do. I really do appericate y'all listening. I am very honored to be a part to this incredible  forum and what I have learned so far. I just hope I can bring to the table one of these days, something as invaluable as I have leared here

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    Glad to have you aboard David!

    Sounds like you have a full day ahead of you.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome from Sennett, NY David.  What part of NY do you hail from?

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    Hi David, welcome to you from CNY.

    Hope your smoke went well.

    Pictures of your smokes are good things.


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    Good to meet you David.
    Glad your with us.

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'm from Rockland county Lance, about 20 miles north of NYC on the west side of the Hudson. The cook went well and everybody enjoyed what I prepared. Didn't get a chance to take any pics this time around as i was just wanting to e joy the day. ABTs were a big hit as no one had ever had them before except me.

    Next cook will probably be a pork loin or roast as i am ready to start ramping up for larger items. That will definitely have some pictures taken.

    Again, thanks for the welcome, David

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