How to store seeds.

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  1. I have a friend that gave me a large number of jalapenos.  I have washed and sliced them in half and taken the centers with all the seeds and placed them on my dehydrator for an hour to dry them but I am curious to know how to store them till next April so I can plant them.  I was thinking about storing them in a plastic container such as these small ones in front:

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    I have some friends who save seeds.....some put them in just a plain mailing envelope.  Others will do that too....but put them in the freezer.  I haven't saved any before....will be interesting to hear what others have to say.

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    Hi GM -

    I grow a lot of peppers, and the hottest strains in the world. Because of that (they're typically $1 per seed) I always save some so I don't have to re-buy. What I do:

    1) Spread out the seeds from a freshly cut pod on a folded paper towel and put them somewhere they'll get good light and air movement.
    2) Let air dry for about a week,
    3) Put seeds into a ziplock very lightly folded into a new piece of paper towel.

    That works pretty well for me, I've never had any molding or poor germination rates.

    Keep in mind that when you're growing multiple kinds of peppers, cross-pollination happens a lot, so you may end up with crosses with any saved seeds.
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    One other note is that Jalapeno's are so ridiculously cheap that unless it's a little science project it's generally better to just trade or buy seeds for those and concentrate your efforts saving seeds on the hotties :)

    And to your orig question, you should be fine in tupperware, I would just put in a little desiccant pack in with them.
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