How to smoke filets????

Discussion in 'Fish' started by miamited, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. miamited

    miamited Fire Starter

    I am wondering what you all put your filets on before you put them in the smoker. Do you use cedar planks, thin metal (with or without holes) I am concerned about the filets, with no skin or bones, falling apart on the racks.

  2. A frog mat will help you out.
  3. chef willie

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    Ditto on the frog mats. you didn't mention 'what' sort of fillet. I've had no trouble getting salmon fillets off the grates of my electric smoker.....I do use the disposable aluminum grate covers from Home Depot and spray well with Pam or something. 
  4. Hi! I use "grill grates" usually two of them, pushed together, to smoke fish that I first mop through grapeseed oil as it is fabulous with high heat.

    Here's a shot with barramundi...

    I hope that helps in any way!?

    Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

  5. johnv656

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    I use the mats from a-maze-n products.

    Use them for smokin my cheese also.
  6. Frog mats-frog mats-frog mats. I use them for cheese, fish, nuts and right now, slow drying pig skins......for 18 hrs.
  7. miamited

    miamited Fire Starter

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, never got an email that there was reply to my post. I am refering to fish filets, usually talipia.
  8. cmayna

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    Depending on which smoker you have,  you might find cheap fine screened cooking racks from your local Target, Wallmart, Kmart.
  9. I tend to do what Leah does, set a second grill at 90 degrees to the first.  It supports the filet enough it doesn't fall apart.  And I coat the top grill to make fish removal easier.  Also, if the fish does stick, I can bring the second grill into the house to tease the filet off over the serving plate. 

    All that said, get  a frog mat, it is the best answer for most people. (I just keep forgetting to order one).
  10. miamited

    miamited Fire Starter

    I have a vertical Masterforge from Lowes. I came across this at the other big box store.

    It does seem to have holes in it and since I will be doing thin filets and possibly shrimp, I think that the smoke might just get enough penetration.

    My question on the mats is how to easily get them off the racks without them flooping around and dropping the fish on the ground?
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