How to smoke a Bull!

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    Or not! My new Inlaws have me a book for Christmas that my Father in law bought back when he was in college and needed some cooking advice. Well he still needs some and I can see why now. The book he bought was George and Berthe Herter's "Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices.

    If you have not picked up a copy of this recipe book I suggest that you do. Not for the recipes, but for the Humor. I can't say that I'll ever attempt any of the recipes, but one never knows. Good read!

  2. Just read description on Amazon. So, while cooking, how do you prepare for a cobalt bomb attack?
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    Case -

    That book is an absolute treasure. I was given a signed copy of it when I was in college, which was a long, long time ago. My very first cookbook. Though I haven't looked at it in years, it still resides on the bookshelf. The first thing I recall making from it were "Prairie Dogs Bat Masterson". Then came "Homemade Mayonnaise", which was a PITA. There's also a lot of helpful kitchen advice in there on topics such as "The Sioux Method Of Cracking Nuts". It's a great read, and you'll enjoy it.

    BTW, at a later date my first wife gave me another one of Herter's books entitled "How To Live With A Bitch". It was appropriate.
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  4. Gentlemen, you crack me up! Now I want this book! Cheers! - Leah
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    I've really enjoyed thumbing through it, I haven't tried any of the recipes. Kind of funny when I open the book it always turns to the page with recipes for Cocktails. I know what my father-in-law was making the most out of the book!
    YOu really should get a copy its a hoot!

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